When Does Volleyball Season Start and End?

When Does Volleyball Season Start

Volleyball’s numerous levels and leagues can make it confusing to know when seasons begin and end. It seems like volleyball is played year-round, so knowing when to play is important. You will find here information about volleyball’s seasons, levels, and options for playing or spectating this great sport.

The volleyball season begins in August for high school and middle school teams. The club volleyball season starts in the fall, while beach volleyball is played in the summer. It is possible to play at higher levels of competition all year round, such as professional, international, and Olympic games.

Here are some details about the different types of volleyball leagues. The following information will help you determine what type of volleyball you’re interested in playing (or watching). In this article, we’ll examine when they start training, when they begin their season, and when they finish.

When Does Volleyball Season Start?

When Does Volleyball Season Start

The sport of volleyball can be played all year long. The volleyball season begins at different times of the year depending on where you live. This section will cover when school volleyball starts in the United States as well as professional volleyball.

Volleyball Season Chart

Level of PlayMonths of Play
Middle SchoolAug-Nov
High SchoolAug-Nov
Club SeasonsOct-July
College SeasonAug-Dec

Volleyball season details are much more complex than the chart above depicts. You can find out more about volleyball seasons and levels by reading on.

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When Do Middle School and High School Volleyball Seasons Start?

The schedules for girls’ volleyball at middle schools and high schools are similar. Each season is broken down, and some important dates are mentioned.

Middle School

When Does Middle School Volleyball Season Start? A popular level of play for volleyball is middle school. The athletes will be prepared for the upcoming season through workouts and camps at this level of play. School is usually out for the summer in June and July, so these events will usually take place.

Tryouts for middle school teams typically take place in August. Athletes will be evaluated on their skills and abilities during these tryouts. Players will also be able to see how well they work together on the court.

Volleyball is often of interest to many athletes at this age. There may be more than one team representing a school at this level. Several schools I have known have an A team, a B team, and a C team. In this way, players have more chances to try out for a team. 

High School

Volleyball is becoming an extremely popular sport for athletes in high school. Most of the athletes at this level of play have played the sport in other settings such as middle school, recreational leagues, or clubs. The pre-season workouts for high school volleyball take place in June or July when athletes participate in the sport.

Coaches may hold a tryout period at the beginning of August for athletes interested in playing. Athletes will be evaluated by coaches during this period for their skills and how well they play with other players. Teams sometimes need to be formed quickly before the school year starts because matches are scheduled before school begins.

It is common for high schools to have three types of teams: freshmen, junior varsity, and varsity. The junior varsity or varsity team may be offered to a freshman who shows high-level skills. There is often more than one freshman volleyball team at schools because volleyball is becoming more popular. It will be necessary for schools to create an alternate schedule if that happens.

Boys Volleyball

During the months of January and February, there are preseason workouts for boys in middle school and high school volleyball.

When Does Club Volleyball Season Start?

When Does Volleyball Season Start

Several volleyball players join club volleyball after the school season concludes. During club tryouts in July, teams will have a chance to meet and practice with each other. 

Late October or early November is the starting date for the club volleyball season. The season usually begins with some preseason workouts and practices. 

Two to three times a week, each team will practice, along with strength and agility training. In January, tournaments usually start, so teams have enough time to hone their skills and practice together. 

When Does College Volleyball Season Start?

The college volleyball scene is more competitive when it comes to experienced athletes. Seasons begin in late August or early September. Athletes can try out for a team before the season during tryout periods. Team members are mostly recruited from the previous school year.

College volleyball athletes usually work out during the off-season. During this time, there may even be team practices. 

Men’s Volleyball

During the spring semester, college volleyball begins for men.

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When Do International, Professional, & Olympic Volleyball Seasons Start?

Volleyball at these three levels usually takes place all year long. Taking a closer look at their schedules, we break them down further.


The month of May is the beginning of international volleyball tournaments and events. There are many teams from around the world participating in this level of play. All year long, these athletes practice together.

Coaches are interested in seeing videos of athletes who have played well in a few matches if they want to make an international team. Their interest in the team should also be communicated to them. 

When Is the International Volleyball Season?

Competitions and levels of play typically determine the international volleyball season. A volleyball league and season are regulated worldwide by the FIVB. Both beach volleyball and volleyball leagues are organized by them. There are a number of tournaments and events taking place throughout the year on the international volleyball calendar, however. The following are some of the major international volleyball events:

  • Olympic Games: A volleyball competition is held during the Summer Olympics every four years. Beach volleyball and indoor volleyball are both part of the volleyball competition.
  • FIVB Volleyball World Championships: Both men and women compete in these tournaments every four years. International volleyball is dominated by the FIVB World Championships.
  • FIVB Volleyball World Cup: The World Cup alternates every four years with the FIVB Volleyball World Cup. The event qualifies for the Olympics.
  • FIVB Volleyball Nations League (VNL): Both men’s and women’s national teams compete in the VNL annually. Between the end of May and the beginning of July is usually when the festival takes place.
  • Continental Championships: The European Volleyball Championship, Asian Volleyball Championship, and other continental volleyball championships are held throughout the year.
  • FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour: There are several beach volleyball events throughout the year on the FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour. There are tournaments around the world as part of the FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour.

The months of May through December are filled with international volleyball tournaments around the world. International beach volleyball leagues offer beach volleyball all year round. There are tournaments held all over the world in climate-friendly locations.

In order to get the most up-to-date information on international volleyball events, it’s recommended that you check the official schedule of the Fédération Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB) or other relevant organizing bodies. Specific dates may vary from year to year.


When Does Profressional Volleyball Season Start? A professional volleyball season lasts all year long. In addition to getting paid, volleyball players must train and practice all year round. The majority of international events and leagues take place during the summer months. 

In the Volleyball Nations League, a number of international teams compete. May and June are the starting and ending dates for this league. There are 16 international teams competing in this tournament, and there are six teams left after one round. There is then a final tournament until a champion is crowned.


Summer Olympics volleyball takes place every four years during the Summer Olympics. The team usually consists of professional and international players. It takes several months for Olympians to train and practice intensely. As well as competing at international events, they also work together as a team.

The FIVB (Federation Internationale de Volleyball) requires that teams compete in at least 12 FIVB tournaments to be eligible for the Olympics. It is important to classify these tournaments as 3-5 star ones, which are at a higher level of play. Since they will play several teams in a day, these Olympians must prepare for playing approximately 5 hours per day.

When Does Beach Volleyball Season Start?

The beach volleyball season can start at different times depending on where you live. In the United States, beach volleyball usually begins in May. It is possible to play beach volleyball at any age. There are usually two or three players on each side of the court in sand volleyball in contrast to court volleyball. 

You will likely be surprised at how many beach volleyball courts you can find in your community if you are interested in beach volleyball. With beach volleyball, there are many ways to play. From recreational to tournaments to professional play, there is something for everyone. The popularity of beach volleyball has increased significantly in recent years.

You can also check out AVP volleyball for beach volleyball. Their slogan is “gold standard beach volleyball”.

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How Long Does Volleyball Season Last?

When Does Volleyball Season Start

There are different seasons for each level of volleyball. They can last for weeks or months depending on the type. Please find below a description of the different lengths of seasons according to your interest level.

There is often a pre-season time for these levels of play at the beginning of the season and an end-of-season tournament at the end of the season.  

When Do the International, Professional, & Olympic Volleyball Seasons End? 


When Does Profressional Volleyball Season End? As of October, international volleyball is over. In spite of the fact that their regular season ends at this time, they may still participate in tournaments. This extra time will also be used for strength and conditioning to prepare for the next season. 


April or May is the end of the professional volleyball season. They can extend it if they are participating in playoffs and championships. The season lasts about nine months. As part of their preparation for next season, they play numerous “friendlies” with other teams throughout the year. 


Olympic volleyball tournaments end the Olympic season. After taking a well-deserved break, some players will begin training again for the next Olympics. Professional and international games are often played by them. 

When Does the Beach Volleyball Season End?

The beach volleyball season usually ends in August. Fall and winter are great months to play beach volleyball in warm climates.

It is possible for international or professional beach volleyball players to play all year round. Beach volleyball players can even participate in the Olympics if they are talented enough.  

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How Long Do Middle School & High School Seasons Last?

When Does Volleyball Season Start

Middle School

It usually takes girls and boys 10-12 weeks to complete their middle school volleyball season. There will be matches to be played during those weeks within the school district.

Matches and practices typically occur once a week. It is common for schools to require students to practice every day, except on match days.

High School

Boys and girls in high school volleyball usually play for 10-12 weeks. Teams from a school’s district usually play against each other.

The majority of high school teams also face teams from other districts at some point during the season. It is unknown whether or not these extra games will count towards the overall record for the team.

How Long Does Club Season Last?

Volleyball is played by club teams from September to May. Due to the fact that many club players play for their schools from September to November, much of the season is played between November and May.

Tryouts for clubs take place during the summer, so members know their team before school starts. It is possible that they will have some practices before November, but after the school season is over, they will follow a more regular schedule.

How Long Does College Season Last?

August to December is the traditional season for college volleyball. It’s a fast-paced game with around 30 games each season. Practicing game situations may be done through additional scrimmages.

How Long Do International, Professional, & Olympic Seasons Last?


There is usually a volleyball season between May and October in international competitions. The team plays in other tournaments throughout the year, even though the regular season lasts only six months.

The Olympics and World Championships are two of these tournaments. In preparation for these events, athletes train and practice every day. 


There are nine months in the professional volleyball season. In a competitive season, a team might play 50 matches.

During these months, they are likely to travel frequently. It is essential for professionals to take time off after a season to rest and recover. They spend time with their families, attend supporter events, and tend to their sponsor commitments during their off time.  


Volleyball during the Olympic games lasts two weeks. The athletes prepare for the big competition for four years.

To qualify for the Olympics, they compete in many international tournaments. In those 4 years, these athletes put in a lot of work, but it is worth it to them to go for gold. 

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How Long Does Beach Volleyball Season Last?

Generally, beach volleyball seasons in the United States run from May to August. It is possible to play beach volleyball all year long in warmer climates.

The range of levels in beach volleyball is nice. There are many types of volleyball, including beginner, intermediate, and professional, and since it’s played outside, it’s even more fun!

When Does the Volleyball Season End?

When Does Volleyball Season Start

An end-of-season celebration is a time for reflection on how to improve for the following season. There is a definite end to volleyball at some levels, including middle and high school, and there is also a lot of time for off-season activities.

Professional and international play have shorter off-seasons with a less defined end, such as international play. All levels of football have different endings to their seasons, as explained in the section below.

When Do the Middle School and High School Seasons End?

Middle School

Most middle schools end their seasons in October or November. It is common for districts to hold tournaments after regular season play. At the end of the season, this tournament will occasionally take place over a weekend.

High School

October is usually the last month of the high school season. Tournaments often follow the regular season in high schools. It may include a district, a region, and/or a state tournament. To qualify for the state tournament, a team must do well in its district or region. State tournament winners are often recruited to play at the college level after winning their state tournaments.

Boys Volleyball

May is the end of the volleyball season for middle school and high school boys.

When Does the Club Season End?

Mid-March marks the end of the club season. To qualify for a regional or national championship, teams play in tournaments after regular season play. Seasons can last into early July or late June if they qualify for regional or national championships.

The benefits of playing club volleyball include improving volleyball skills and being recruited by colleges.

When Does the College Season End? 

Around December, college volleyball seasons end. Tournaments may be regional or national depending on a team’s record.

To qualify for a regional or national tournament, they may have to play a qualifying tournament. It is the most popular tournament for college teams to be invited to. In order to determine the national champion, the tournament will last several weeks.

Men’s Volleyball

April is the end of the college volleyball season for men.


Volleyball is played at different levels and seasons. It is important for a player, coach, or spectator to know when they will start, how long they will last, and when they will finish. As volleyball becomes a year-round sport, it is important to stay informed about each season’s details.

Training at home or finding clinics near you will help you prepare for volleyball season. Although the season is short, training continues throughout the year.

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