The Best Volleyball Training Equipment For Home In 2024

Best Volleyball Training Equipment For Home

Being an excellent volleyball player requires a passion for the sport.

When you are on the court, you should practice hard, but you should also put in some extra time at home.

A volleyball player’s performance depends on how many repetitions he or she gets, so if you’re not practicing at home as well, you’ll be behind.

Your volleyball practice sessions can be made far more effective if you have access to the right volleyball training equipment at home.

In today’s article, I’ll explain what the best training aids are for practicing volleyball at home, as well as how you should use them.

Let’s get started!

Best Volleyball Training Equipment For Home

Here is an overview of the subject. You’ll find everything you need for home use here

Mikasa MGV500 Heavyweight Volleyball

Mikasa MGV500 Heavyweight Volleyball

You can improve your ability as a setter by using a weighted volleyball, also called a setter ball.

Adapting to the added load of the heavy ball requires additional muscles in your arms, hands, and fingers.

By switching back to a regulation ball, you’re able to set farther, more accurately, and for a longer period of time.

A Mikasa ball would probably last longer than any other setter ball if you are looking for a high-quality setter ball.

When you get a Mikasa setter ball, you’ll enjoy its perfect weight and quality materials, and it does not require much inflation at all.

There are a number of other setter balls that are shipped deflated, either completely or slightly, so that they can’t be used right away.

Still, it’s a good idea to keep a cheap hand pump on hand.

Many people complain that other setter balls are too light, and they expect it to be significantly heavier…

In terms of weight, the Mikasa heavyweight volleyball is not going to disappoint you, weighing in at 16oz (approximately 70% heavier than a regulation ball).

Consequently, it’s an excellent choice for all skill levels and ages.

The ball is really nice in terms of materials. You can feel the softness and quality just like when you play indoor volleyball.

The Edge Pro Spike Trainer With Target Stand

Volleyball Perfect Spike and Serving Trainer

Volleyball spike training has never been more efficient because of this system. A spiker’s dream equipment can make you freakishly good.

A former coach of mine once said that spiked volleyballs are the hardest skill to learn biomechanically.

No matter if that’s true or not, it can’t be too far off!

It’s frustrating to learn how to spike because inexperienced setters (who are also learning how to set) often don’t place the ball correctly.

In spite of the high level of the game, mastering timing is extremely difficult.

It takes time for an athlete to develop a smooth arm swing, jump high, and follow through on the volleyball when they take their time.

You can get incredible value out of one of these, whether you intend to use it at home alone or in an on-court team environment.

The spike training method is extremely efficient, which allows you to complete more repetitions than your competitors.

Spiking will be a lot easier to learn if you do this!

You don’t want to miss this!

Having a target net at home is the ideal way to practice setting without having access to a volleyball net. This is a fully functional setter’s target net.

Additionally, you’re getting all the tools you need to become a world-class setter with this spike training system.

It’s amazing how many positive reviews I’ve read about these things, and I now wish I had one as a kid!

Perfect for Christmas or birthdays!

Aceletiqs Volleyball Rebounder

Aceletiqs Volleyball Rebounder

It’s pretty important to consider the size of volleyball rebounders. Athletics is by far the biggest and best rebounder on the market.

Volleyball is all about repetition, getting the ball in contact with more people. I always say that you can improve through repetition.

When you don’t have a teammate to assist you, a rebounder is an ideal option.

With its larger size, Aceletiqs rebounders are among the most user-friendly rebounders available.

You can hit the ball harder by standing further away from the frame when you use a larger volleyball rebounder.

The swinging practice it provides is ideal not only for younger players who lack accuracy but also for older players who want to improve their swings.

On this rebounder, there are no dead zones, so no matter where you hit the ball, it will bounce squarely.

There aren’t many weatherproof options available, but this one is pretty solid.

In spite of the fact that it does not store flat and weighs a good 30 pounds, the additional weight makes it much easier to use with a volleyball.

PowerNet Setter Training Net

PowerNet Setter Training Net

Setters at all levels of the game can benefit from volleyball setting nets as a training aid. Any player who wants to improve their setting accuracy should use this training aid since setting is a skill that all players need.

In volleyball, a setting net gives you instant feedback on whether your sets are accurate, and since you don’t have to spike or catch the balls, you can get tons of repetitions in at a very efficient pace.

The most affordable volleyball setter net on the market was created by PowerNet, a company that specializes in sports nets of all kinds.

For younger, less experienced volleyball players, it offers a larger opening of around 3’x3.5′.

A variety of types of sets can be used with this, since it can be adjusted between 45 and 180 degrees.

Indoors as well as outdoors, this product works great.

The net on this product has a clever drawstring feature that lets you choose whether you want to store the volleyballs in a net or a basket.

The net is also adjustable from 7.5 to 11.5 feet in height, so you can find the right height for you.

Younger players will also benefit from this.

It is easy to set up and pack down the PowerNet, which comes with a carry bag.

There is unfortunately a problem with the quality of the bag, as one user complained that it began to fall apart after just a few uses!

Ovanto Spike Solo Trainer

Ovanto Spike Solo Trainer

When searching for volleyball rebounders, you may have had something else in mind… If you were in search of the best elastic volleyball rebound trainer, you’ve come to the right place!

Through this training tool, users can easily practice serving and spiking at home.

It’s generally not feasible to run after a ball you just hit when you’re practicing serving or spiking if you don’t have a partner.

By returning the ball directly to you, a solo trainer solves this problem!

It will enable players to get numerous repetitions in, allowing them to develop more quickly.

The ball might just be too high for your child to serve over the net as they just start playing volleyball…

This is the best way to teach your child how to contact the ball correctly with power!

You can also keep the proper setting form without ever touching your hands with these items since they come with hand straps.

Using the attachments forces players to practice good technique when setting the ball, so it doesn’t sit in their palms.


How often should I train at home?

The key to success is consistency. Depending on your schedule and fitness level, aim to work out three to four times per week.

Can I become a professional volleyball player with home training?

Home training is not only more cost-effective than professional training, but it may also enhance your skills and provide new opportunities.

What is the ideal duration of a home training session?

Spend 45 minutes to an hour at each session, including a warm-up, drills, and cool-down. Quantity is not as important as quality.

Are there age restrictions for using certain training equipment?

Make sure equipment is age-appropriate by consulting a coach or trainer. Priority should always be given to safety.

How can I track my progress in home volleyball training?

Track your training progress, keeping a journal of your skills, endurance, and strength improvements. Keep track of your progress toward your goals periodically.


For setters, I highly recommend Mikasa’s weighted volleyball, particularly because I am a huge proponent of using weighted volleyballs.

Furthermore, I love using volleyball rebounders because they are so easy to use and effective.

Volleyball cannot be touched more efficiently than any other piece of equipment.

In closing, if you’re looking for the creme de la creme of at-home spike trainers, the Edge Pro is the best option.

As a spiker learning the ropes, I wish these things were around!

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