The Best Nike Volleyball Shoes 2024 [Reviews]

Best Nike Volleyball Shoes

The best Nike volleyball shoes available right now will be discussed on this page. Whenever we find a better or new option, we update it. As far as volleyball shoes are concerned, Nike has historically not been known for them…

Nevertheless, Nike has become one of the most popular shoe brands among volleyball players of all levels in recent years.

Basketball shoes are Nike’s specialty, but they’ve recently transformed a number of their best designs into volleyball shoes that have taken the volleyball world by storm.

Professional volleyball players are certainly choosing them these days.

We will examine the top five Nike volleyball shoes in this article.

Best Nike Volleyball Shoes Reviews in 2024

Nike Zoom Hyperace 2

Nike Zoom Hyperace 2

Volleyball shoes like the HyperAces provide excellent ankle lockdown and lateral support. The cushioning also protects joints well.

As far as volleyball shoes go, the HyperAces are among the best. It feels exactly like a volleyball shoe should!

They are excellent ankle lockdown and stability shoes because they have more internal padding than most. With reinforced uppers and extra lateral support, this is one of the best options you can find for people with dodgy ankles!

As a result, they have a thicker sole than Hypersets, which means they cushion you better when you jump, protecting your joints better.

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Nike Giannis Immortality

Nike Giannis Immortality

The Giannis Immortality is what I would call a brilliant budget back court shoe. The shoe is the lightest on this list and is really responsive for liberos and setters.

The shoe you’re looking at is a basketball shoe. The volleyball court is a good place to wear it as well.

Immortality is known for its incredible responsiveness and lightweight design. Among my top rated volleyball shoes for liberos, this shoe has excellent traction and flexibility.

It’s not a great choice for hitters due to its poor cushioning. The cushioning is adequate for back court specialists, but not for liberos or setters looking for lightness.

The shoe is also the cheapest on the list, which makes it a good value option.

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Nike Lebron 18

Nike Lebron 18

With the same crazy cushioning system that makes KD14s so bouncy, Lebron 18s are just as good for spikers. Volleyball players who jump a lot need to be concerned about two things…

To protect your joints from constant damage, you need solid impact protection. The second thing you want is a shoe that gives you that feeling of flying.

Those two things are taken into account when designing this premium shoe. Lebron 18s offer arguably the best jumping experience of any shoe you can wear.

The shoe is unisex and comes in a variety of colorways. Suitable for wide feet as well!

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Nike Lebron 20

Best Nike Volleyball Shoes

Lebron’s sneaker line has undergone a tremendous shift with the Nike Lebron 20. There are no more heavy, cumbersome designs or huge Air cushions. On the court, Lebron wasn’t even wearing the Lebron 19s.

On the other hand, the Lebron 20 has been extremely popular for years. Their volleyball performance is just as good as their basketball performance.

You can feel the comfort of the Nike Lebron 20 from the moment you put your foot in it. You can lockdown without getting too tight with the sphere liner collar around your ankle.

Lace width is wide across the top of your foot, and the knit is comfortable. Lockdown complaints have been made, but I did not encounter any problems. Even with my foot sitting higher inside the shoe, I still felt secure inside these, even with insoles.

With its outrigger design and great lateral containment, the Lebron 20 has great stability while playing defense and along the net.

At first, I thought the rubber would stick to wooden and plastic courts, but the rubber broke in after a few days. With these, I didn’t feel the need to wipe my shoes as I normally do. It was still a big deal to me. 

The cushioning is explained in detail in a separate paragraph, as is why the shoe costs $200. As Stanley Tse put it, these are “the McLaren of sneaker cushioning” (Duke4005 likedned them to Jaguars).

Instead of comparing the Nike Lebron 20 to a car, I’m just going to say it has the perfect cushion setup. You can feel the spring in every jump thanks to a toploaded Zoom Turbo unit in the forefoot.

Under your heel, there is a 13.5mm (read: huge) zoom unit to provide impact protection. The midsole is made of full-length Cushlon.

At the same time, the Lebron 20 is soft where it needs to be and bouncy where it needs to be. In this volleyball shoe, you’ll feel amazing when jumping in it and will be able to move effortlessly.

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Nike KD14

Nike KD14

Volleyballers are increasingly wearing basketball shoes on the volleyball court for good reason. Among these shoes, the KD14s are among the best designed for volleyball players.

For good reason, I ranked the KD14 among my top volleyball basketball shoes in 2023.

There is almost nothing wrong with this shoe.

This is one of the most advanced cushioning systems on the market, making it extremely springy while jumping and offering top-quality shock absorption – making it perfect for opposites and middles who jump a lot.

Furthermore, it offers incredible traction, making it a great choice for outside hitters and front row setters.

White is a classic colorway that never goes out of style.

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Nike KD 15

Nike KD 15

Kevin Durant’s 15th Nike KD 15 is his 15th signature sneaker. With the KD 15, you get the same high performance and popularity you’ve come to expect from the KD line. Learn why this is one of the best volleyball shoes on the market.

As with its predecessors, the KD15’s best feature is its cushioning. Air Zoom Strobel unit is right below your foot and is surrounded by a full-length Cushlon midsole. When you remove the insole, you can see and feel the Air Zoom Strobel.

When I need cushioning, I use these. Sore knees after a long leg day? Have you played in a tournament yesterday?

In a concrete convention center, playing on a 14″ plastic sport court? You won’t feel a thing as you slip on the KD 15. Soft and absorbent, the Nike KD 15 is still responsive.

There is no denying that Air Zoom Strobels feel great, and so does Cushlon. There is no doubt that this is a top-tier cushioning setup.

On the outsole of the KD 15, I also noticed a rounded edge. Basketball is not as noticeable as volleyball in this regard.

As you roll through your penultimate step, you can really throw that rounded edge out in front of you for an aggressive pushoff step. Jumping in these shoes feels great.

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Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 39

Best Nike Volleyball Shoes

There are some features that volleyball players may want in a shoe such as the Air Zoom Pegasus 39, despite the fact that it is not a dedicated volleyball shoe.

It allows air to circulate inside the shoe and is breathable. As a result of Nike React foam technology in the midsole, this shoe is incredibly comfortable and flexible.

Rubber soles with a waffle pattern are also used in this shoe to improve traction and adhesion. In spite of the fact that the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 39 was not designed for indoor courts, it performed quite well there and satisfied you.

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Nike PG 6

Nike PG 6

A beautiful and attractive shoe designed by Nike, the PG 6. Wearing this shoe gives you a good feeling because of the soft and comfortable cushion.

As well as increasing jump height, this shoe’s quality midsole reduces pressure during landing, therefore reducing knee and back injuries.

In addition to having a light weight, this shoe has lots of air circulation, prevents sweating, and is very durable.

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Nike Kyrie Infinity

Nike Kyrie Infinity

Kyrie Irving’s 8th signature sneaker is the Kyrie Infinity. Their aesthetics are similar to their predecessors, but they have a few important improvements that make them the best Nike volleyball shoes.

It’s easy to notice the Infinity’s best feature the moment you step on it: its cushioning. Exactly where you want it to be bouncy, the forefoot Air Zoom unit delivers. When you jump, you feel responsive and explosive, but when you land, you feel soft.

It has a wide forefoot with a traction system that wraps around the edge of the foot, making it extremely stable. With a smooth transition as you roll through the motion, it feels great cutting in for an approach jump. With each pull of the laces, the lockdown bands around your foot tighten.

There will be no movement of your foot anywhere it shouldn’t be. I should mention that even with some dust on the court, the traction gripped perfectly. 

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Nike Zoom Freak 4

Nike Zoom Freak 4

Another top Nike volleyball shoe, the Zoom Freak 4 features a stunning and futuristic design that impresses at first glance.

Wearing this shoe allows you to move in different directions and reach the ball at extreme speeds.

As far as the Freak series is concerned, this shoe is the lightest. As a result of the cushioning in this shoe, knee, back, and ankle injuries are less likely to occur, and your vertical jump is increased.

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Nike React Hyperset

Nike React Hyperset

The React Hyperset is another Nike volleyball sneaker that joins the Hyperace 2. It is a retooled version of the Hyperdunk 2017 (specifically the bottom half). The USA Men’s Volleyball team chose it as their official shoe at the 2021 Summer Olympics. 

This shoe features a long strap that wraps around your midfoot all the way to your heel. Flywire lacing combines with this to provide great lockdown.

The shoe is also very stable. There is some softness to the React cushion, but it is not very soft. The wide forefoot base keeps your foot flat on the ground, keeping the shoe stable. On clean floors, this sneaker has good traction as well.

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Kyrie Low 5

Kyrie Low 5

The Kyrie Low 5 is a good option if you are looking for increased speed and agility on the volleyball court.

If you tighten the laces of this shoe, this shoe will be attached to your foot like one of your body parts! You will be able to accelerate quickly, decelerate without fatigue, and make consecutive jumps in this shoe.

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Nike Kyrie 6

Best Nike Volleyball Shoes

Even though the Nike Kyrie 6 has been around for almost 2 years, it remains a great volleyball shoe.

Wearing this shoe will not cause you to slip at all as it has great elasticity and adhesion.

Besides its beautiful design, this shoe is lightweight, comfortable, and flexible.

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Nike unisex react Hyperset

Nike unisex react Hyperset

The Nike unisex react Hyperset is one of Nike’s best volleyball shoes available that is suitable for all volleyball positions from hitter to middle defender.

In the 2020 Olympics, many great players used this shoe, as it is the first choice of the top players in the world.

This unisex react hyperset increases your speed and agility on the volleyball court, makes you jump higher, and is completely fixed to your foot.

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How To Choose Nike Volleyball Shoes?

Best Nike Volleyball Shoes

Several factors should be considered when choosing Nike volleyball shoes:


Shoes should have enough room for the toes, and be properly fitted around the midfoot and heel. Comfortable shoes can improve performance and decrease discomfort.


Make sure the shoes have responsive cushioning that provides sufficient shock absorption without sacrificing court feel.


Multidirectional tread patterns and rubber outsoles provide excellent traction on various court surfaces.


Padded collars and supportive midsoles can reduce injuries and improve stability.


Volleyball shoes are extremely durable. You should wear shoes made from durable materials that will last throughout the game.

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Choosing the Right Size and Fit

Best Nike Volleyball Shoes

For optimal performance, it is crucial to select the right size. There is a Nike size chart available to assist buyers, but personal preference is equally important.

Especially considering volleyball’s dynamic nature, ensure a snug fit without compromising on comfort when trying on shoes.

Does Nike produce exclusive volleyball shoes?

The company also makes volleyball shoes, but they are much less diverse than Nike’s basketball shoes, which is why most players use the basketball shoes when playing volleyball.

Are Nike basketball shoes suitable for volleyball?

The majority of Nike basketball shoes are also suitable for volleyball. There are many similarities between volleyball and basketball in terms of movements and techniques.

Note, however, that some Nike basketball shoes are too heavy for volleyball.


Are Nike volleyball shoes suitable for beginners?

Nike has options tailored to beginners with a focus on comfort and support.

How often should I replace my Nike volleyball shoes?

According to their frequency of use and wear, it is recommended to replace them every 6-12 months.

Do professional volleyball players really prefer Nike?

Nike’s performance-enhancing features are endorsed by many professional players.

Can I use Nike volleyball shoes for other sports?

Other indoor sports can also be played with some models, even though they are designed for volleyball.

Is there a warranty for Nike volleyball shoes?

The Nike product details will provide specific information about the product warranty.


According to whether you want support/comfort or style, I’d recommend either Hypersets or HyperAces.

It’s pretty hard to find either of these shoes in your size, so you’ll be lucky if you can find either…

Those are my recommendations if you can’t find any: KD14s for setters and outside hitters, and Lebron 18s for opposites and middles.

Liberos (and setters) will benefit greatly from the Giannis Immortality.

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