The Best Men’s Volleyball Shoes In 2024

Best Men’s Volleyball Shoes

Over the years, I’ve burned through a fair amount of volleyball shoes playing indoor volleyball internationally.

The most popular volleyball shoes for different positions are exactly what men look for in a good volleyball shoe.

The best volleyball shoes for mens in 2024 have been covered in greater detail recently, but some of them aren’t currently available for men.

The following list contains the best volleyball shoes available today in men’s sizes.

Let’s get started!

Best Volleyball Shoes For Men in 2024

Asics Sky Elite FF Men’s Volleyball Shoes

Asics Sky Elite FF Men’s Volleyball Shoes

By far, the Asics Sky Elite FF men’s volleyball shoes are the best volleyball shoes ever created!

The Sky Elite FF from Asics is the best volleyball shoe you can own today if you’re serious about volleyball.

There are very few volleyball shoes that can be worn by all positions and don’t have major flaws.

It’s hard to imagine a shoe having better traction than the Sky Elite FFs. They literally stick to the floor.

I consider this to be the best volleyball shoe ever because of its Flytefoam cushioning.

You’ll benefit from this in the long run because it means better impact protection.

As well as giving the shoe a bit of extra bounce when jumping, it is just a joy to wear.

Several super aesthetic colorways are available and they fit great on wide feet.

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Nike Giannis Immortality

Nike Giannis Immortality

The Giannis Immortality is not only one of the most affordable shoes on this list, but also the lightest, which makes it super responsive.

It’s true that the Nike Giannis Immortality is a basketball shoe, but it’s one of the best options for volleyball players for a number of reasons.

To begin with, it’s extremely lightweight. There is no doubt that this is the lightest shoe on this list. Due to its responsiveness, you can perform a lot of micro adjustments while passing as a result.

This makes it one of the best budget shoes for liberos who require a shoe that promotes agility.

It’s also a great budget option for setters.

This is partly due to a lack of cushioning, which makes them feel so light and springy. Therefore, I recommend avoiding these shoes if you do a lot of hitting.

This last shoe is a good option for hitters looking for a cheap shoe.

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Mizuno Wave Momentum Men’s Volleyball Shoes

Mizuno Wave Momentum Men’s Volleyball Shoes

Among Mizuno’s volleyball shoes, the Wave Momentum stands out for being lightweight, highly responsive, and well cushioned.

Asics and Mizuno are the original volleyball shoes.

Wave Momentum is their best shoe currently, but there’s one important distinction you should know…

In terms of cushioning and shock absorption, the Wave Momentum 1 is far superior to the Wave Momentum 2.

Since impact protection is arguably the most important aspect for jumpers who do a lot of spiking, I always recommend the original Wave Momentum.

The Wave Momentum 2 will be a better choice for liberos and setters who require less cushioning. With this shoe, you can enjoy the crazy spring and responsiveness.

It feels amazing to play in the Momentum, no matter which version you choose.

For those of you with wide feet, here is another decent shoe!

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Asics Gel-Rocket 10 Men’s Volleyball Shoes

Asics Gel-Rocket 10 Men’s Volleyball Shoes

Known for its versatility, the Gel-Rocket 10 is a great choice for any position on the court.

Many moons ago, the Gel-Rocket became extremely popular for volleyball. It is an iconic general purpose court shoe.

Across the board, this shoe performs well.

As far as outdoor volleyball goes, I think the Gel-Rocket 10 is the best shoe, so if you play on concrete, I would definitely choose it.

This low-top shoe has solid traction and is remarkably supportive considering its low profile.

This is a great option for liberos and setters who require a lot of responsiveness.

Cushioning is one of the downsides of this shoe.

For hitters, it isn’t the best option since it isn’t designed with a high volume of jumping in mind.

You should choose the Sky Elite FF if you’re a middle or opposite blocker and are committed to Asics. The cushioning is far superior.

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Adidas Dame 7

Adidas Dame 7

One of the most reliable shoes ever, the Dame 7 has excellent cushioning that makes it great for jumping. The shoe is also among the most affordable on this list.

Considering how similar in design basketball shoes and volleyball shoes are, I’m a big fan of basketball shoes for volleyball players.

For those who liked the Lebron 18s but found them too expensive, the Dame 7s are a great budget alternative.

It is really quite reasonable to get a cushioning setup for about half the price. It isn’t as good as the Lebrons, but it is far better than the majority of volleyball shoes.

The opposites and middles will find this music to their ears.

There are also quite a few high-standing shoes in the Dame 7 line, so perhaps they aren’t ideal for back court players.

It’s perfect for outdoor courts, fits perfectly on wide feet, and is under $100!

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Nike Lebron 18

Best Men’s Volleyball Shoes

Bringing out the big guns for this shoe recommendation is for big men who want some extra bounce when jumping and need lots of cushioning for impact protection. There has never been a shoe with a better bounce than the Lebron 18! As good as it gets, the Lebron 18 is the best.

It is really important for opposite hitters or middle blockers to prioritize cushioning.

Wearing a shoe that provides extra spring is not only important so your joints are protected from landing forces.

There is nothing crazy about the bounce of the Lebron 18s.

If you have jumper’s knee or dodgy hips, or if you have a bad back, these are an excellent volleyball shoe!

Passing and digging are not ideal with these, especially for outside hitters who prefer a lower to the ground feel.

It’s not cheap either, but I think they’re still a great investment for middle or opposite genders!

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Li-Ning All City 10 Cotton Candy

Li-Ning All City 10 Cotton Candy

My favorite volleyball shoes are the All City 10 because they are light, have good traction, and have decent cushioning for setters, liberos, and outside hitters. They also look amazing!

This recommendation is for liberos, setters, and outside hitters.

The passing and setting movements performed by each of these positions are fairly quick and lateral. You need low-to-the-ground shoes that are highly responsive to perform these efficiently.

It is an exceptionally responsive, low feeling shoe with very good cushioning, making it the perfect choice for back court specialists and outside hitters.

One of my favorite, premium all-rounders that can be worn by any player at any position.

With their Li-Ning All City 8s, 9s, and 10s, Li-Ning is a less well known brand, but they have had some of the highest ratings and best reviews of 2023 when it comes to basketball shoes.

Their appearance is also absolutely stunning.

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Key Features to Look for in Volleyball Shoes

Best Men’s Volleyball Shoes

Supportive Sole

Support is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing volleyball shoes. As volleyball is a fast-paced game, a sturdy sole is vital for stability during lateral movements and sudden stops.

Lightweight Design

A volleyball player must be agile and have quick reflexes. Shoes designed with a lightweight design enable players to move swiftly on the court without being weighed down, improving their overall performance.


Volleyball matches are intense, so adequate ventilation is essential. Blisters and discomfort can be minimized with shoes with breathable materials, which prevent excessive sweating.

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Top Brands in the Market

Best Volleyball Shoes Brands


With its innovative designs and high-quality materials, Nike consistently produces top-notch volleyball shoes. The performance-driven design of their shoes has made them a favorite of both professionals and amateurs.


The volleyball shoes offered by Adidas are comfortable and durable. In addition to providing top-notch support and responsiveness, the brand also makes use of cutting-edge technology.


Precision engineering is Mizuno’s hallmark. In volleyball shoes from Mizuno, you’ll often find advanced technology that increases stability and traction.

Read complete guide on volleyball brands here.

Choosing the Right Size and Fit

When purchasing volleyball shoes, it is imperative to select the right size and fit. It is imperative that players maintain a snug fit in their shoes to prevent blisters and ensure adequate room for toe movement.

Tips for Proper Shoe Maintenance

Volleyball shoes need regular maintenance to last a long time. It is easy and effective to clean your shoes after each game, store them in a cool, dry place, and replace worn-out insoles.

Benefits of Investing in Quality Volleyball Shoes

A high-quality pair of volleyball shoes is worth the money in the long run. Besides enhancing performance, they also offer crucial support during extended physical activity, preventing injuries and discomfort.

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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Volleyball Shoes

Players make informed decisions when investing in volleyball shoes by avoiding common pitfalls such as compromising on breathability, overlooking sole quality, and ignoring proper sizing.

Understanding the Different Types of Volleyball Shoes

Indoor vs. Outdoor

The soles of indoor volleyball shoes are designed to prevent markings on the court surface, while outdoor shoes are designed to be durable and resistant to various terrains.

Low vs. Mid vs. High Tops

Volleyball shoes can be chosen according to individual preferences and playing styles. Ankle support is provided by high-top sneakers, while mobility is provided by low-top sneakers.

Expert Recommendations for Different Playing Styles

Shoes that are lightweight and agile may benefit defensive players, whereas shoes that are stable and cushioned may benefit offensive players.

Budget-Friendly Options for Volleyball Enthusiasts

Shoes for volleyball need not be expensive to be of high quality. Several budget-friendly options cater to players with varying budgets while providing high performance and affordability.

How to Break in Your New Volleyball Shoes

Getting comfortable and performing well with new volleyball shoes takes time and effort. As the shoes are gradually introduced to game scenarios, they can adapt to the player’s feet. Read complete guide here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes volleyball shoes different from regular athletic shoes?

Shoes that are designed specifically for volleyball feature traction, stability, and cushioning tailored to the sport’s needs.

How often should I replace my volleyball shoes?

Depending on how frequently the shoes are used and the level of play, volleyball shoes should be replaced every six to twelve months.

Can I use indoor volleyball shoes for outdoor play?

The wear and tear on indoor shoes may be more pronounced during outdoor play. You should opt for outdoor volleyball shoes if you plan to spend a considerable amount of time outdoors.

Are high-top volleyball shoes better for ankle support?

When playing intensely, high-top volleyball shoes provide additional ankle support, making sprains less likely.

Do expensive volleyball shoes guarantee better performance?

Budget-friendly options can offer excellent performance even though their price is often associated with quality. Prioritize the needs and preferences of each player.


I consider the Asics Sky Elite FF to be one of the best ‘pure’ volleyball shoes on the market. With the exception of liberos, they’re the best for all players.

Li-Ning All Citys (9s or 10s are very similar and both work well) are great choices for liberos, or for a bit less money, Nike Giannis Immortality are good choices.

My favorite shoes for heavy hitters who do plenty of jumping are the Lebrons, but they are very expensive. There is no better option for these players on a budget than the Dame 7s.

All of these settings can be used by the setter and outside player based on their personal preferences.

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