The Best Basketball Shoes For Volleyball in 2024

Best Basketball Shoes For Volleyball

Finding the best basketball shoes for volleyball can be tough, but it’s worth it in the end. Finding a shoe that works for multiple sports can be a lifesaver when you play multiple sports. As well as saving you time and money, it also simplifies the process of picking out clothes.

There aren’t many volleyball shoes that look as nice as most basketball shoes, either? When it comes to great shoes, there’s a lot of crossover between the two sports, regardless of whether you play both sports or just want some better-looking volleyball shoes.

What’s the reason? The first thing you need to know is that basketball shoes are made for indoor wooden courts, just like volleyball shoes. They also emphasize tread, bounce, and movement. The same characteristics apply to volleyball shoes, but they may not have the features or support that basketball shoes have to ensure high performance, stability, and agility. 

It is essential to wear the best shoes for your sport that will last a lifetime in order to perform at your best.

The Best Basketball Shoes For Volleyball

Nike Men’s Zoom Gravity Anthracite

Nike Men’s Zoom Gravity Anthracite

The Zoom family also includes a shoe that makes transitioning from basketball to volleyball simple.

A slightly more expensive version of the Zoom Gravity with a narrower toe box and similar midsole, Nike Men’s Zoom Gravity Anthracite is a stylish addition to your footwear collection. Its lightweight feel and flexible foam midsole may make it worth investing in.

Adidas Women’s Exhibit B Mid Basketball Shoe

Adidas Women’s Exhibit B Mid Basketball Shoe

Providing grip, comfort, and bounce are essential for hard-court sports. There

fore, Adidas designed the Women’s Exhibit B Lightstrike Mid Basketball shoe to meet all of your basketball needs. Women’s volleyball players will also enjoy wearing it.

The snug fit of these shoes stabilizes the foot during takeoff or hard landings. The rubber sole also provides exceptional traction for both basketball and volleyball. There is a midrise to stabilize the ankles on this thick and chunky model.

This shoe has additional padding around the ankle and locked-down lacing for added security. For swift, dynamic movement, Adidas designed a midsole with a weightless design.

Lightstrike Mid Basketball Shoes are designed for multiple court sports with a full-size run. The upper mesh is also made from recycled materials, so it’s great for those who are environmentally conscious.

Knicy Max Performance Basketball Shoe

Knicy Max Performance Basketball Shoe

Knicy shoes are designed to provide high-performance, versatile wear without breaking the bank. With this in mind, the Max Performance Basketball Shoe comes in a range of colors and sizes as well as features that are essential for basketball and volleyball.

In addition to TPU material for blocking and jumping, a sturdy rubber sole for traction, and an additional foam insole to support the arch, this shoe sports a soft upper material for ankle support and a sturdy rubber sole for traction.

Adidas Crazy Explosive Men’s Basketball Shoe

Adidas Crazy Explosive Men’s Basketball Shoe

As Adidas’ lifestyle and fitness shoes rule the sneaker game, their basketball shoes, like the Crazy Explosive, are underrated. Made in the USA, this footwear features a modern, all-black design and sock-like comfort.

Because it’s versatile and offers core functions for both sports, it’s an ideal Adidas basketball shoe for volleyball.

With its high-top design, the Crazy Explosive prioritizes ankle support and offers flexibility without compromising mobility, while its fused mesh upper keeps your foot breathable to prevent strain during jumping. 

Boost technology is used to cushion the rubber sole and to create a responsive midsole. You may find the Crazy Explosive too heavy depending on your shoe preference, but it is a sturdy and durable shoe.

Adidas Unisex Adult Harden Vol 5 Basketball Shoe

Adidas Unisex Adult Harden Vol 5 Basketball Shoe

The Harden Vol 5 Futurenatural Basketball Shoe is an excellent choice for basketball players and volleyball players alike. With a lightweight upper and energetic midsole, it offers cushioning and bounce without sacrificing performance.

Nike Men’s Lebron Soldier XIV 14 Basketball Shoe

Nike Men’s Lebron Soldier XIV 14 Basketball Shoe

A Nike basketball shoe is designed with a player’s favorite all-time team. It includes Nike’s Men’s Lebron Soldiers, which ensure you’re comfortable on and off the court, as well as during volleyball matches.

This Nike basketball shoe for volleyball features a flexible, sock-like ankle support that increases mobility. For volleyball and basketball players, the rubber soles provide great traction.

Featuring full-length foam and an energy-return midsole, Nike ensures comfort and agility. Also, softer uppers that prioritize breathability and extra padding have been added to the heel.

In comparison to most basketball shoes, the Nike Lebron Soldier XIV 14 features a woven upper material that provides ankle support without being bulky. The finish is more mid-rise instead.

Nike Men’s Kyrie 7 TB Basketball Shoe

Nike Men’s Kyrie 7 TB Basketball Shoe

Those looking for an all-around shoe may find Nike’s Kyrie TB to be an appealing purchase. The upper is made of mesh fabric and is equipped with speeding-boost technology on the sole.

Nike Men’s Kobe Mamba Focus Basketball Shoe

Best Basketball Shoes For Volleyball

Kobe Mamba Focus basketball shoes are another iconic basketball shoe. This shoe is designed for performance on the basketball court, but it is also a high-quality volleyball shoe.

Firstly, the Mamba Focus is composed of lightweight materials that promote jumping and agility in basketball and volleyball. Moreover, the rubber soles ensure stability and grip. This versatile low-top basketball shoe is perfect for hybrid or casual games

You can choose from a variety of colors on the Mamba Focus, so you can blend in with your surroundings

However, its narrow toe box may not suit everyone’s foot type and it is slightly expensive. Even so, the Kobe Mamba Focus Basketball Shoe was created to meet a wide range of fitness requirements.

Nike Zoom Gravityan

Nike Zoom Gravityan

Nike offers products for a wide range of sports, including basketball and volleyball. Although the Nike Zoom Gravity appears modest at first glance, do not be fooled by its lightweight design. Support and traction are provided by the comfortable cushion.

Cushioned by a foam midsole, the Zoom Gravity prioritizes comfort while supporting your feet during every activity. Basketball and volleyball courts both benefit from the rubber soles.

There is a narrow toe box on the Zoom Gravity, and the upper layer is lightweight, so some people will need to size up or wear thinner socks with it.

Under Armour Jet ‘21 Basketball Shoe

Under Armour Jet ‘21 Basketball Shoe

Support, agility, and stability are the three most important aspects for volleyball hitters. Under Armour’s Jet ’21 Basketball Shoe is a sneaker underdog for volleyball hitters, while Adidas and Nike dominate the sports market.

The rounded toe box, breathable mesh lining, and cushioned midsole make this shoe the perfect volleyball hitter’s shoe. This shoe also aids in ankle support with its mid-rise design, making it ideal for quick movement, gripping, and jumping.

Furthermore, mesh materials provide a weightless feel, and lace-up closures ensure a secure fit. Courts for basketball and volleyball are well equipped with a rubber sole that provides impeccable traction.

There are multiple colorways and sizes available for the Under Armour Jet ’21 Basketball Shoe, which has a unisex silhouette. Every volleyball hitter can find shoes that fit their standard with Under Armor’s selection.

adidas Unisex-Adult Harden Stepback 3 Basketball Shoe

adidas Unisex-Adult Harden Stepback 3 Basketball Shoe

Adidas’ Harden Stepback 3 can provide an advantage for volleyball batters because it performs well on hardwood. Additionally, the lace-up closure and mid-rise ankle support guarantee a secure fit. The product is available for both men and women.

Nike Men’s Jordan Max Aura Basketball Shoes

Nike Men’s Jordan Max Aura Basketball Shoes

Basketball and volleyball demand quick movements, so wide-footed players should invest in the right footwear–especially if they have wide feet. It is important to choose a shoe with a rounded toe box.

Nike’s Men’s Jordan Aura Basketball Shoe is an excellent example of a basketball shoe that can also be worn for volleyball. This shoe features a rectangle-shaped tox box instead of a narrow one, ensuring wide feet feel secure and not pressured.

The shoe comes in various sizes and features a gray colorway. Furthermore, the Max Auras’ leather construction and high-top design provide supreme protection. An additional layer of support and security is provided by the braided laces.

This is Nike’s best basketball shoe for volleyball players with wide feet. As Jordan shoes tend to run a little small, it may be a good idea to order half a size up in order to ensure that wider feet are adequately supported.

Nike Men’s Jordan Why Not Zero 4

Nike Men’s Jordan Why Not Zero 4

The basketball shoes that Nike Jordan provides are impeccable and are loved by all athletes, including volleyball players.

Its chunky sole and flexible upper material cater to volleyball players with wide feet. Wearing it on a daily basis is also a good idea.

If necessary, you may need to increase the size.

Asics Gel Rocket 10

ASICS Women's Gel-Rocket 10 Volleyball Shoes

Would you like a basketball shoe that supports your feet both during the day and during the night? This versatile, subtle silhouette makes the Asics Gel Rocket 10 a top pick for men’s volleyball.

With its foam-padded collar and molded EVA sole, it compensates for its lack of traditional ankle support. The Shoe also offers shock absorption and agility thanks to Asics’ Signature Gel Cushioning System.

Featuring a lightweight mesh upper that breathes while you bounce around the court, the Asics Gel Rocket 10 has a rubber outsole that provides traction and grip. The durable sole and cushioning system make this volleyball and basketball shoe great.

A variety of sizes and colorways are also available for this model. Although it’s marketed as a volleyball shoe, it works well for any sport played on a court, including basketball. Support is provided for any activity with this shoe’s versatility.

Adidas Pro Bounce 2018 Men’s Basketball Shoe

Best Basketball Shoes For Volleyball

Another excellent option for the best basketball shoe for men’s volleyball is the Adidas Pro Bounce 2018.

 There is an ankle support, a TPU shank and propulsion plate, as well as a bounce midsole for a traditional basketball silhouette. Volleyball and basketball players rely on these components for stability, agility, and cushioning.

Why Do You Want Basketball Shoes For Volleyball?

Basketball and volleyball have surprising similarities in their requirements. For jumping, blocking, moving instantly, and gripping, both sports require shoes with support.

There are some volleyball shoes that lack these traits, but there are many basketball shoes that are versatile and can be used in other sports as well. These shoes feature added cushioning, ankle support, responsive midsoles, and a durable design.  

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Things to Consider When Buying Best Basketball Shoes for Volleyball

Best Basketball Shoes For Volleyball


Fitting a shoe according to your feet’s needs will ensure that you receive the proper support. Make a list of the needs of your sport in order to find a shoe you feel comfortable in.

When you have wide feet, choose a shoe with a rounded toe box, and if you want to ensure ankle stability, choose a shoe with a mid-to-high rise.

Be sure to try on your new basketball shoes before committing to a purchase, as some might run small, large, or true-to-size.


Shoe selection plays a crucial role both on and off the court. It is common for basketball shoes to have a TPU material upper, a lightweight mesh upper, rubber outsoles, as well as a responsive foam midsole that can help you run and jump more efficiently.

To ensure optimal performance and injury prevention, it is important to consider several key factors when choosing basketball shoes for volleyball. To keep in mind, here is a comprehensive list:


In volleyball, there are frequent direction changes and quick lateral movements. Indoor volleyball courts require shoes with non-marking rubber soles that provide excellent traction.


Jumps and landings are often repeated by volleyball players. It is important to choose shoes that provide adequate cushioning to reduce the impact on your joints and absorb shock. A responsive midsole can make shoes more comfortable.

Ankle Support

A volleyball player who makes frequent lateral movements and jumps needs ankle support that’s typically provided by basketball shoes. For adequate ankle support, choose high-top or mid-top shoes.


Perspiration increases during volleyball matches due to the intensity. Maintain cool and dry feet throughout the game with shoes made from breathable materials.


It is possible to move faster on the court with lighter shoes. Shoes should provide adequate support while being lightweight at the same time.


Frequently stopping, starting, and sliding are part of volleyball, which can wear out shoes quickly. Especially in high-wear areas, such as the toe box and outsole, look for durable materials and reinforced areas.


There is a great deal of agility and flexibility required in volleyball. The shoes should provide a level of flexibility and natural movement in the forefoot.


When jumping and performing lateral movements, choose shoes with a stable base. Better stability can be achieved with a wider outsole.

Style and Aesthetics

A shoe’s style and aesthetics may not directly affect performance, but they may be a matter of personal preference. On the court, choose a pair that makes you feel comfortable and confident.

Brand Reputation

Choose quality basketball shoes from reputable brands. Insights can also be gained by reviewing and consulting other players’ reviews.


Consider your needs and preferences when setting a budget. Budget-friendly models are also available that provide good performance, even if they lack advanced features.

You can enhance your performance and comfort on the court by carefully considering these factors when choosing basketball shoes.

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Choosing the right shoes ensures that you will have adequate support during training and games.

Most indoor wooden courts sports like volleyball and basketball benefit from certain features that basketball shoes can offer, such as TPU material, ankle support, and padded midsoles.

Finally, basketball shoes are a great choice for volleyball athletes who are strikers, hitters, or have flat or wide feet.

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