How Many Players Are On A Volleyball Team?

How Many Players Are On A Volleyball Team

How many players are on a volleyball team is not always clear, especially when players transition in and out of the game frequently.

An indoor volleyball match has six players on each side of the court at any given time, with each team allowed six substitutes, for a total of 12 players per team.

During a game at the highest level, you will often see more than 12 players lined up.

There are often even deeper divisions within squads.

These numbers will be explained in detail in this article.

How Many Volleyball Players On Court At Once?

How Many Players Are On A Volleyball Team

Both sides of the court have six players at once. There are 12 in total.

Refs will call a violation when you get 7 points on the court.

There are always 6 players on the court since liberos and substitutes move in and out frequently.

Can A Volleyball Team Play With Less Than 6 Players?

Yes! Even though it doesn’t happen very often in serious games.

A game is forfeited if there are fewer than 4 players on a team.

Sometimes a 5 player team in recreational leagues or social games cannot field a 6th player and can’t find a replacement.

Even with just five players on the court, your team might be able to win, but once you get down to four players, it becomes nearly impossible.

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How Many Players On A Volleyball Team Including Substitutes?

How Many Players Are On A Volleyball Team

It is rare that these figures vary from league to league, although they aren’t written in stone either.

A team with six players on the court can also start with six substitutes on the bench, making a total of 12 players.

A substitute libero has been added so we have 6 on the court plus a substitute libero + 5 off the bench.

In Thailand, we played a championship game with one of our Australian youth teams.

Prior to the game, the score sheet lists 12 players who are allowed to participate.

Can You Bring More Than 12 Players To A Game?

This does happen quite frequently at the highest levels of play.

Usually, you’ll see 13 to 15 players on the court before a volleyball game, especially at elite international tournaments.

The extra players can only participate as moral support since only 12 players are allowed to enter the game.

How Many Players On A Volleyball Roster?

How Many Players Are On A Volleyball Team

Depending on the level of competition, we’ll have different results.

High School Volleyball Roster Size

There are usually 10-12 players on a high school volleyball team, but sometimes as many as 14.

Depending on the level of competition, this will vary.

During my high school days (in Australia), my high school team consisted of only 10 players.

College Volleyball Roster Size

College rosters typically have 17-18 players. There are 17-18 players traveling to play throughout the season.

It’s not against the rules to have more, however. Historically, some teams have had 20 players or more.

Professional Volleyball Roster Size

Depending on where we are in the league and what level of competition we’re dealing with, this will differ.

There will typically be 16-20 players on the roster, similar to the size of a college team.

International Volleyball Roster Size

In the highest levels of the game, it’s not uncommon to see 25 players on the roster.

In most cases, 25 players aren’t required to travel to international tournaments, but a total of 25 players can be registered.

There will usually be 15-16 players and a staff on your trip.

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How Many People Are On A Volleyball Team Including Staff?

How Many Players Are On A Volleyball Team

There can be quite a difference in numbers between different levels of volleyball teams due to the size of the team staff.

With only 12 players, one head coach, and three assistant coaches from the Australian national youth team, we traveled light to Iran for the Asian Championships.

We didn’t have the luxury of adding extra players to this trip because of a lack of funding.

It is common for some teams to travel with doctors, while assistant coaches may also serve as therapists.

It is fairly common for high-level volleyball teams to travel with 4-5 people. Senior-level volleyball teams typically travel with 20-21 people.

You might have a sports psychologist and a couple of extra therapists for Olympic-level volleyball.

A liaison/translator is often present when teams travel to foreign countries, though they are not usually considered team members.

How Many Players Are On A Beach Volleyball Team?

The game of beach volleyball is very different from that of indoor volleyball. Rather than being a team sport, beach volleyball is more of a partnership.

During beach volleyball, each team can only have two players.

Coaches and substitutions are not allowed.

Has someone been injured? Your tournament is over and you’re out of luck.

FAQs on volleyball player numbers

How many players are on a college volleyball team?

Typically, college volleyball rosters have between 15 and 20 players, with an average of 17 to 18.

Are there 12 players in volleyball?

There are normally a few substitute players on each volleyball team’s bench who can rotate into the game when needed, in addition to the six players on the court. The starting six and substitutes may be on the team roster in international competitions, such as the Olympics.

How many girls are in a volleyball team?

There are six players in each indoor volleyball team, while there are two players in each beach volleyball team. There are several positions in indoor volleyball. Three players are usually near the net at the front of the court, and three are at the back.


An average volleyball team consists of six players, each of whom has a specific role and responsibility. A successful team must be able to work together, communicate effectively, and create a strategy.

Understanding the dynamics of a volleyball team enhances your appreciation of this thrilling sport, regardless of whether you play on the beach, at the gym, or in a competitive setting.

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