How Do I Choose Volleyball Shoes in 2024?

How do I choose volleyball shoes

Selecting the right shoe for your volleyball camp or even year-round play can be challenging. A volleyball shoe’s design and what you prefer will help you regardless of whether you are a beginner or an advanced player.

You can pick the perfect volleyball shoes by following this guide from the best volleyball shoes.

Importance of Choosing the Right Volleyball Shoes

How do I choose volleyball shoes

It is crucial to select volleyball shoes that are appropriate for several reasons. First and foremost, they provide stability and support to prevent injuries.

As you jump, move laterally, and stop suddenly, your feet and ankles are put under stress. Injury prevention can be achieved by wearing well-fitting shoes that have the right features.

You can also improve your performance by wearing the right volleyball shoes. In addition to providing traction, cushioning, and flexibility, they are designed specifically for the demands of the sport. Moving efficiently, jumping higher, and landing safely are all made possible by the right footwear.

How are they designed?

Unlike running shoes and basketball shoes, volleyball shoes are designed differently. This is due to volleyball players’ constant movement horizontally and vertically. A shoe consists of three parts, a rubber sole, a midsole, and an upper.

Gum is typically used to make rubber soles. With this, the player is able to have great traction on the floor and have a solid footing. Non-marking soles are the key to preventing ankle injuries in good shoes.

Footballs are supported by the midsole. When volleyball players move quickly or jump during a game or practice, they are called volleyball players. An air cushion, foam material, or gel may be used as the midsole material for a flexible, yet strong support.

The upper sections of shoes are made of nylon or mesh. To help keep the foot cool and reduce moisture, it is designed to be lightweight and breathable.

How long do they last?

Volleyball shoes wear out according to how much use they receive. When worn up to 4-5 times a week, a typical shoe will last one full season.

Players slide more on the court when the ankle support weakens and the sole loses traction due to wear.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Volleyball Shoes

How do I choose volleyball shoes


It is very important to consider this when buying new shoes. When a player’s foot feels uncomfortable in the shoe, they can feel tired or exhausted psychologically.


Due to the constant movement in volleyball, stability is crucial. In order to play at a higher level, you need a great ankle support.

Fit and Sizing

When choosing volleyball shoes, it is crucial to get the right size. During play, it is essential to have a snug fit so your feet do not move inside the shoe.

Consider the width of your feet, as well as the width of your feet. If you are purchasing shoes, make sure they fit comfortably before buying them.

How should they fit?

Players’ feet have to be able to move within the volleyball shoe. As a result, the foot should not move inside the shoe as it fits snugly. The tip of the shoe should be at least one finger width away from the toes when trying on shoes.

How to Test the Fit of Volleyball Shoes

The following tips can help you choose volleyball shoes:

  • You should wear socks that you would normally wear during a game.
  • Make sure the length and width are correct. The front of your shoe should not touch your toes.
  • Make sure they feel comfortable and provide you with the support you need by walking, jumping, and pivoting.

Can I wear them outside?

It is only recommended to wear volleyball shoes on the gym floor. Since concrete and asphalt will wear out the soles quickly, they should never be worn every day. After practice or games, it’s a good idea to change your shoes.

You can use this guide to select your next volleyball shoe when your current pair wears out.

Different Types of Volleyball Shoes

How do I choose volleyball shoes

Volleyball shoes are available in a variety of styles to meet the needs of different players.

  • Low-Top Volleyball Shoes: These shoes are lightweight and provide increased mobility. A player who relies on speed and agility will benefit from them.
  • Mid-Top Volleyball Shoes: Mid-top volleyball shoes combine support with mobility. All-around players will find them to be an excellent choice.
  • High-Top Volleyball Shoes: These shoes are best suited to players who require extra stability and ankle support.

Popular Volleyball Shoe Brands

Quality volleyball shoes are available from several renowned brands. There are many brands in this category, including ASICS, Mizuno, Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour.

The features and technologies of each brand differ, so it’s imperative that you explore your options and choose the one that is right for you.

Maintaining Your Volleyball Shoes

To extend the life of your volleyball shoes, you must properly care for and maintain them. You should clean them after every game, and you should avoid using them outdoors or on abrasive surfaces. The quality of these items can also be preserved by storing them in a cool, dry place.

Expert Tips for Selecting Volleyball Shoes

  • For professional advice on shoe selection, talk to a specialist at a specialty sports store.
  • Choose low–, mid-, or high-top shoes based on your playing style and position on the court.
  • To enhance your volleyball shoes’ comfort and performance, invest in quality socks.


Do I need specific volleyball shoes, or can I use regular athletic shoes? 

Shoes designed specifically for volleyball offer features like non-marking soles, lateral support, and cushioning tailored to the sport. Volleyball shoes are a better choice for safety and performance than regular athletic shoes.

Are high-top volleyball shoes better for preventing ankle injuries? 

Players with a history of ankle problems may benefit from high-top volleyball shoes because they offer additional ankle support. Nevertheless, you should choose according to your playing style and comfort level.

How often should I replace my volleyball shoes? 

Volleyball shoes have different lifespans depending on factors such as use frequency and conditions of play. You should replace them after one season based on regular inspection and comfort.

Can I wash my volleyball shoes to keep them clean? 

Volleyball shoes shouldn’t be machine-washed or submerged in water. Rather than using a dry cloth, clean them with mild soap and a damp cloth.

Do I need to break in my new volleyball shoes before playing in them? 

When practicing or playing light games, you should wear your volleyball shoes to break them in. Consequently, they provide better comfort and performance on the court since they conform to your feet.


It is crucial for any player to choose the right volleyball shoes. On the court, it directly affects how you perform and how safe you are. Your playing style and needs can be determined by factors such as fit, shoe type, traction, and support. If you need assistance, consult an expert or explore reputable brands. You’ll thank your feet later.

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