Difference Between Volleyball And Badminton Shoes

Difference Between Volleyball And Badminton Shoes

Sports such as badminton and volleyball require the right shoes. A volleyball or badminton shoe comes in hundreds of different styles and price ranges.

There are, however, certain features that distinguish a badminton shoe from a volleyball shoe. It is possible to use volleyball and badminton shoes interchangeably despite the fact that they are quite similar.

The purpose of sport-specific shoes is to enhance comfort and gameplay, promote stability, and reduce injury for the movements required by the sport in small ways.

Differences Between Badminton Shoes And Volleyball Shoes

Difference Between Volleyball And Badminton Shoes

Our article will help you make an informed decision about your sporting needs by explaining the key differences between volleyball vs badminton shoes.


Gum rubber soles on volleyball shoes provide better traction on indoor courts than other types of soles. Players can move quickly without slipping in these shoes because they are designed for side-to-side movement.

Thin gum rubber soles are used in badminton shoes to reduce player’s center of gravity and increase stability and traction. Whenever possible, bantam shoes should have white soles because black soles leave scuff marks on the court.

The exercises are specifically designed to help improve stamina, leg strength, and quick reaction time, all of which are crucial to good badminton play.


Lightweight volleyball shoes are recommended. A typical volleyball shoe weighs between 9.2 and 11 oz. for women, and 11.2 to 15 oz. for men.

To promote quicker movement, badminton shoes should be as light as possible.

Ankle Support

The ankle support in volleyball shoes is usually low.

Low ankle support is part of the design of badminton shoes to allow for ankle flexibility. It is possible to purchase ankle inserts, however, if people are worried about spraining their ankles. The badminton shoes are designed without lateral support, even though badminton is a lateral sport, preventing ankle injury.

Shock Absorption

Badminton shoes do not have as much padding as volleyball shoes. In addition to absorbing shock from landings and jumps, the padding also acts as a shock absorber.

A shock absorption cushion is included in badminton shoes to ensure that the impact is minimized.

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How To Choose A Badminton Shoe Or A Volleyball Shoe?

If you’re looking for badminton shoes vs volleyball shoes, you should take several factors into consideration: your playing level and style, your foot type, your playing surface, and your budget.

Picking the right pair of court shoes for your game is easy if you understand your specific needs.

A low-end shoe with a looser and more relaxed fit might be best for someone just starting out in a new sport.

Over time, you will be able to upgrade to higher-quality, more supportive shoes that fit more snugly as you improve.

When choosing a shoe, make sure you take your foot type into account (pronation, supination, etc.).

Outsoles of shoes are designed to compliment your foot type, not correct it.

A foot-correction shoe, for example, does not fix pronation but provides support and stability for neutral feet.

Lastly, you should consider the surface on which you will play. Make sure to keep in mind when choosing outdoor shoes that they will not be as durable as indoor shoes.

We have a wide selection of court shoes for Badminton and Volleyball, so be sure to browse those pages to narrow down your choice based on your foot type, playing level, and surface.

Having trouble deciding which pair is right for you? Contact our volleyball and badminton specialists.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Sport Should You Play in Athletic Badminton Shoes?

Athletes can choose between two types of athletic footwear. Gym equipment and basketball courts are designed for different purposes.
Badminton shoes are perfect if you want to wear them during training and competition. The specialized design allows them to be used both indoors and outdoors.
A high-quality insole is incorporated into Badminton shoes to alleviate back pain. You can move freely on different surfaces thanks to their specialized tread. The design of these shoes allows you to jump higher and run faster due to their lightweight.

Which Sport Should You Play in Volleyball-specific Shoe?

While playing in a variety of conditions, the shoes promote power transfer and stability. Playing in the most comfortable shoes is possible when rubber soles are combined with several other materials and the right cushioning. The Nike Volleyball shoes will also ensure that you have the right equipment for your game.

Why You Need to Play Badminton or Volleyball in Specific Shoes

It is important to have shoes that are lightweight and flexible when playing badminton. Also, the soles of the shoes should be gripped so that they can be worn in any weather condition. It is important to wear supportive and comfortable shoes for volleyball since the game requires a lot of movement.


Shoes are not so easy to buy, it’s quite a personal thing. Someone might enjoy one shoe while someone else might loathe it. This means there’s no general rule that one shoe is right for everyone.

In contrast, badminton shoes and volleyball shoes are the best choices for those who want a pair of shoes that are both comfortable and durable.

There are spikes on the bottom of both badminton shoes and volleyball shoes, which make movement much easier and more efficient.

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