Can You Use Basketball Shoes For Volleyball?

Can You Use Basketball Shoes For Volleyball

A good pair of sports shoes is essential when it comes to sports. Sports shoes can dramatically impact your performance and safety whether you’re a seasoned athlete or a casual enthusiast.

We’ll discuss the question: “Can You Use Basketball Shoes For Volleyball?” and the key differences between basketball shoes and volleyball shoes, offer expert insights, and offer guidance on making the right choice in this article.

Are Basketball Shoes Good for Volleyball?

Can You Use Basketball Shoes For Volleyball

When it comes to basketball shoes, you may find yourself wondering whether or not you can wear them for volleyball if you are a two-sport athlete. It will be easier to bring the right shoes if you have one pair for both sports. You can save money by having one pair of shoes for both sports.

However, what are the best basketball shoes for volleyball if you want to wear them during games? On either court, we’ll answer all those questions and more.

The Difference Between Volleyball & Basketball Shoes

Can You Use Basketball Shoes For Volleyball

Volleyball shoes and basketball shoes share some differences, but they’re mostly minor.


There are many similarities between volleyball shoes and basketball shoes: synthetic mesh uppers, rubber outsoles, and foam midsoles.

Despite the fact that some basketball shoes are made of leather or canvas, the vast majority are made from the same material as volleyball shoes.


Basketball shoes generally weigh a bit more than other types of shoes.

The reason for this is that the uppers are higher and the midsoles are thicker, with more cushioning technology integrated.

Due to the heavy midsole, basketball shoes often feel really lightweight and springy despite adding a bit of weight.

Think twice before adding a few grams to your spike height.

Vertical jump performance and shoe weight were not statistically significantly correlated in our research.


The midsole cushioning used in volleyball shoes differs greatly from that used in basketball shoes.

The midsoles of volleyball shoes are usually thinner and lighter because they have less cushioning.

There are certain basketball shoes that are known for packing as much material into the midsole as possible.

There are many different ways to say ‘foam’, but each one offers a unique on-court feel that is quite different from the next.

Cushioning systems can range from quite soft to quite hard depending on their design. Others are not as responsive as others.

Variety & Availability

Basketball shoes are the biggest market, while volleyball shoes are tiny.

It used to be that basketball shoes accounted for 13% of the athletic shoe market, but that number is dwindling, while volleyball shoes are virtually nonexistent.

Currently, 22 NBA players have their own signature shoe lines.

The volleyball shoe market doesn’t even have 22 types!

Basketball shoes worn by NBA players this season totaled almost 300 unique styles.

Consequently, there is almost always a basketball shoe that matches your volleyball needs.

Would you like to try out the Nike Hypersets, the most popular volleyball shoes of 2023? They aren’t available. Unfortunately, they are sold out. Months have gone by with no stock!

Nowadays, it is really difficult to find volleyball shoes online. It’s hard to find a pair in your size across the board – good luck!


Despite being slightly more expensive than volleyball shoes, basketball shoes tend to be slightly less expensive on average.

Usually, I include a lot of basketball shoes in volleyball shoe roundups that I write all day long!

Budget volleyball shoes, which don’t exist, are also more difficult to find than budget basketball shoes.

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Do Basketball Shoes Work For Volleyball?

Can You Use Basketball Shoes For Volleyball

We can tell you that basketball shoes are suitable for volleyball if you only have enough money to purchase one pair of shoes. Despite the fact that they cannot cushion your descent as specialized shoes do, these shoes provide enough support to protect you from injuries while playing volleyball.

In some levels of volleyball, basketball shoes can replace volleyball shoes, but if you plan on progressing to the next level, volleyball shoes are your best option. It will be easier to land and bounce in volleyball shoes, and you will see fewer injuries over time. 

If you are just getting started or not committed to volleyball long-term, basketball shoes are fine. It is easier to find basketball shoes than volleyball shoes for players who have played for long periods of time.

What Makes a Good Basketball Shoe For Volleyball?

Can You Use Basketball Shoes For Volleyball

How do you choose good basketball shoes for volleyball? We will soon examine some specific examples, but first, let’s review the general rules of thumb for choosing volleyball shoes. When purchasing shoes, you need to consider four factors:

  • Feeling at ease
  • Technological leaps
  • Assisting
  • Absorbing impact


Shoes that feel good to wear should always be chosen for their comfort. You might want to consider buying another pair if they seem to be too tight or fit wrong.

Jumping Technology

The majority of basketball kicks come with technology that helps you jump higher. Any volleyball shoe that offers technology for increasing jumps will be perfect since you’ll need to jump a lot when playing volleyball.


Both sports require lateral movement, so find shoes with extra traction to help you move more quickly on the lateral side.

If your favorite player relies on quick lateral movements on offense, consider shoes with a signature of James Harden or Donovan Mitchell.

Impact Absorption

When playing volleyball, it is essential to have the right shoes for impact to land softly. Your knees and ankles will be protected from injury or wear shoes with ample cushioning.

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Are Volleyball & Basketball Shoes The Same?

Both are similar more than they are different, despite having some differences.

Shoes Evolving From Volleyball to Basketball

Volleyball shoes are starting to look a whole lot like basketball shoes unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade.

Here is the Nike React Hyperset, the most popular volleyball shoe at the moment.

There are many similarities between the Hyperdunks and the Hyperdunks, their basketball predecessors, in terms of the outsole and midsole.

As a result, Nike marketed its basketball shoes as volleyball shoes…

It really worked… Well done.

It is basically a copy-paste basketball shoe, but it has become the most popular volleyball shoe in the world!

In some Asics volleyball shoes, you’ll notice that the design is more basketball-inspired.

It might look like a basketball shoe to the untrained eye…

The Japanese superstar Yuji Nishida endorses the highest-rated volleyball shoe of 2023.

The traditional difference between volleyball and basketball shoes will be discussed shortly.

In order to understand why you should be open to wearing basketball shoes for volleyball, I will explain why you should be open to the idea.

Basketball Shoes For Volleyball: Things To Avoid

Can You Use Basketball Shoes For Volleyball

When you put some basketball shoes on, they can turn out to be terrible for volleyball.

Check out these major red flags.

Excessive Heel Caging

Basically, a heel cage is a large protective cage surrounding the heel of the shoe, giving it an almost boot-like appearance.

It serves both as a protector and as a decorative piece.

No matter how you look at it, I don’t really like it because it weighs the shoe down and makes quick lateral movements and adjustments impossible.

My Jordans are again excessively caged…

It would be impossible for me to play volleyball in the above shoes. I can’t seem to move in them because they’re so slow and unresponsive.

Keep your heels caged as far away from your feet as possible!

Excessive Weight

Volleyball shoes can weigh a lot but still be fine if they feel lightweight and athletic.

For example, the Jordans above. You don’t really feel like your feet are attached to bricks, even though they aren’t that heavy.

Their forefoot has very little flexibility, and their midsoles are extremely hard. Their feel is similar to that of a boot.

Let alone basketball or volleyball, I wouldn’t play in them.

In contrast, the Dame 7s I wear are heavier than the Jordans but feel extremely light to wear.

It’s tricky with weight, so I wouldn’t put too much emphasis on it.

Thin Midsole/Weak Cushioning

A libero can have a thin midsole with below-average cushioning, which is perfectly acceptable (and advisable).

Since you aren’t jumping, impact protection isn’t necessary.

Shoes with poor shock absorption can be deliberately chosen by setters who primarily operate out of the backcourt.

The responsiveness of these shoes typically makes up for what they lack in cushioning.

In spiking shoes, whatever you choose, you should have a decent cushioning setup.

Search online to discover what people think of the particular cushion setup used in the midsole of the shoes you’re eyeing.

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Can You Wear Basketball Shoes For Volleyball?

Volleyball players can wear basketball shoes, but the reverse is not true. Basketball shoes are more popular than volleyball shoes, so they have less time and resources devoted to them.

Volleyball shoes aren’t as durable as basketball shoes, and they aren’t optimized for other sports than volleyball.


Can I use basketball shoes for volleyball if I don’t have volleyball shoes?

Although it is possible, it is not recommended. The best way to ensure safety and optimal performance is to invest in volleyball-specific shoes.

Do professional volleyball players wear basketball shoes?

Sports professionals typically wear footwear tailored to their sport’s specific requirements.

What should I look for in volleyball shoes?

You should look for shoes that have excellent grip, lightweight construction, cushioning for quick movements, and lateral support.

Are there any multi-sport shoes suitable for both basketball and volleyball?

Multi-sport shoes provide better performance than sport-specific shoes, so they are available.

Can improper footwear lead to injuries in sports?

There is a possibility of injuries occurring if you wear the wrong shoes due to a lack of stability and support.


Does basketball footwear work well for volleyball? Yes, without a doubt. Basketball shoes are a worthy substitute for volleyball shoes, even though they don’t provide the same edge.

The wide variety of basketball shoes available will make it easy for you to find a pair that suits your needs whether you play basketball or volleyball.

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