Best Volleyball Shoes for Hitters [2024 Reviews]

Best Volleyball Shoes for Hitters

The shoes you wear while playing volleyball can boost your performance on the court, but only volleyball shoes do that for you.

This is especially true for hitters who constantly attack the ball. Therefore, the best volleyball shoes for hitters are essential for maximum performance.

Top Best Volleyball Shoes for Hitters in 2024

We take a look at the top rated volleyball shoes for hitters. Their performance on the offensive end is great, and they are all comfortable enough for long game sessions. 

Asics Gel-Rocket 9 Volleyball Shoe

Asics Gel-Rocket 9 Volleyball Shoe

This is the new addition to Asics’ tried and tested Gel Rocket line.

Sports such as volleyball, table tennis, and other indoor games benefit greatly from Gel-Rocket shoes. 

There is still a lacing closure on the Gel Rocket 9 that provides you with a perfect fit. 

EVA is used as a midsole material, which provides enhanced shock absorption and cushioning. In addition, the forefoot and rear GEL Cushioning System also provide shock absorption when you step off. The gait cycle is also well supported and the product moves very well. 

In order to reduce the weight of these shoes without altering the integrity of the shoes, Trusstic System Technology is used. Shoes with lightweight mesh uppers and synthetic overlays provide support and comfort. 

In terms of natural rubber content, the outsole contains more rubber than traditional solids. The grip is particularly useful when running to spike a volleyball. Even after playing for long periods of time, the lateral support is excellent. 

You won’t experience any discomfort on the court due to excellent cushioning in the front.

 I’m really impressed with how well it grips the court. You can customize the insoles and ankle braces of the shoes to fit your needs. These volleyball shoes are perfect for those with plantar fasciitis or ankle problems. 

Those with wide feet will love the shoes because they run large. My recommendation is to go down half a size if your feet are normal size. Changing the insoles to your own will make the shoes feel larger since they are thick. 

According to my review, the Asics Gel Rocket 9 is the best volleyball shoe for hitters. This shoe is lightweight, grips exceptionally well on the court, and is very comfortable.

Adidas Ligra 6

Adidas Ligra 6

It is an excellent choice if you are looking for an affordable volleyball shoe for hitters. Adidas Ligra 6 will make your volleyball game look great.

Volleyball shoes like these are great for many indoor sports but are particularly great for volleyball. These are a great pair of shoes that are affordable and can be used for many different purposes. 

For better stability, the shoes have breathable mesh uppers and synthetic leather overlays. Furthermore, it keeps your shoes cool and dry for long periods of time.

 You can keep the mesh for a long time if you maintain it properly, but it isn’t as durable as more expensive alternatives. 

The lacing system has reinforced loopholes. In this way, it fits really well on your feet and is snug around your ankles. Using it for a game will not cause you any discomfort. 

With the cushioned midsole, your feet will stay relaxed during every game. Your feet will be protected from pressure from landing when you jump with this shoe, as it has some impact absorption. 

Adiwear is used for the outsole, which is extremely durable and grips the floor extremely well. In terms of lateral movements, they are smooth and stick well to the floor. As a result, you will get enough traction to gain momentum and jump higher. Mesh lining gives it a flexible fit. 

In spite of the fact that these shoes are durable, I wouldn’t recommend using them for a long period of time. You can wear these volleyball shoes for a season if you don’t play regularly or won’t be using them for very long. If you maintain and clean your volleyball shoes properly, you may extend their lifespan. 

For volleyball shoes, the Adidas Ligra 6 is an excellent pick. It is comfortable to wear, offers an excellent grip, and is durable enough to last for one to two seasons.

Mizuno Women’s Wave Lightning Z

Mizuno Women’s Wave Lightning Z

In the 100 years since Mizuno started making volleyball gear, they haven’t slowed down. For women hitters looking to take their game to the next level, Mizuno Wave Lightning Z volleyball shoes are the perfect choice. 

In order to hit effectively, hitters need shoes that conform to their lateral movements. As a result of its low-top design, your ankles can freely move, which helps you build momentum. Designed to withstand quick movements, these volleyball shoes are durable and won’t wear or tear. 

Synthetic materials and textiles are combined in the Wave Lightning Z. In addition to providing air circulation in the shoes, the materials support quick directional changes during a game. 

A volleyball shoe’s toe area is capable of handling the weight and pressure experienced by the toe area during games. You can pivot and change directions quickly with their Dura-Shield toe guard. The movement also reduces your feeling of pressure. 

The parallel Mizuno Wave helps distribute shock and enhance stability. Furthermore, it has high-traction rubber outsoles with XG technology. 

Most of the Wave Lightning Z’s top and sides are made up of mesh material that is designed to be breathable. When you play intense games, these mesh shoes keep your feet cool and dry by allowing air to flow inside. 

It is important to have mesh inside shoes as it keeps the feet from sweating and prevents them from slipping. The insoles of the shoes maintain traction without rolling or pinching. With this exceptional design, you can abruptly stop during jumping or blocking motions. 

Additionally, these shoes look great and are durable. Their insoles maintain traction without rolling or pinching. The volleyball shoes are a great pick for women who are looking for a new pair. 

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The Difference Between Volleyball Shoes and Other Athletic Shoes

Best Volleyball Shoes for Hitters
Volleyball ShoesNormal Shoes
Get rubberContains synthetic materials
Not markableFloor could be marked with black
A stable and supportive midsoleSupports instability

There are many options available to volleyball players besides volleyball shoes. Volleyball shoes, however, feature features you won’t find in other athletic shoes because they’re specifically designed for volleyball use. Among them are:

  • Rubber and synthetic materials are used in most volleyball shoes.
  • You can get better traction on courts like volleyball courts with gum rubber.
  • Your soles won’t leave marks on the floor since they are non-marking.
  • They are lightweight and breathable due to the mesh material used in their upper portions.
  • Volleyball shoes have a midsole designed to support the ball of the foot.

There are other factors to consider as well. The best volleyball shoes for hitters may vary based on the preferences of each athlete. 


In terms of durability, you may not be concerned about your budget. In spite of this, getting a pair of volleyball shoes that are both durable and comfortable is a must if you play volleyball regularly. 

Having durable shoes translates into better grip, stability, and cushioning. 1 to 3 seasons are typical for volleyball shoes. 


There are a lot of volleyball shoes available on the market with gum rubber soles that provide good traction.

Shoes without gum rubber soles won’t give you the best traction if you plan to buy volleyball shoes. Moreover, gum rubber soles keep the court clean and prevent any kind of damage to it. 


Despite not being a contact sport, volleyball still requires a lot of physical effort. Players who play both offense and defense, such as strikers, need quick movements in all directions.

It is essential to wear volleyball shoes that have excellent traction so your feet do not slide and become injured. 

Comfort and Cushioning

Throughout the game, your shoes should be comfortable to wear. Uncomfortable shoes might indicate that they are the wrong size for you.

The risk of injury increases if you continue to play regardless of discomfort. A mesh upper provides airflow within the shoes so that the feet remain cool and dry. You will feel more comfortable in the shoes if you do this. 


Having shoes that are stable is important for volleyball players because their ankles are constantly under strain. The best volleyball shoes for hitters have high lateral support and ankle support.

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Types of Volleyball Shoes For Hitters

Best Volleyball Shoes for Hitters

High-tops, mid-tops, and low-tops are the three main types of volleyball shoes for hitters. The pros and cons of each can be weighed against each other. You should therefore choose the right one according to your playing style.

Low-top volleyball: this is the lightest and most flexible option. As a result, you are able to move around the court quickly and with good ankle support. The downside is that they do not offer as much impact protection as other kinds of shoes.

Mid-top volleyball: these shoes are more supportive than low-tops, yet remain lightweight and flexible. Low-tops are less protective of your feet from impact, while high-tops provide better ankle support. Moving around in them is, however, more difficult.

High-top volleyball: These shoes are the heaviest and most supportive. Good ankle support and impact protection are provided by these shoes. You may become fatigued more quickly in them, however, due to their difficulty moving around.

The best volleyball shoes provide support and protection regardless of the type you select. Don’t be afraid to try different types of shoes before selecting one.

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What can you do to improve hitting in volleyball?

It is no secret that volleyball teams need strong hitters to succeed. How do you improve volleyball hitters? To help you, here are a few tips:

Make your player’s arm swing better

Power and velocity will be generated behind the hit by a good arm swing. The ball should be swung with the arms instead of just the wrists.

Improve your player’s vertical jump

You can hit the ball harder by having your players jump higher. Improve your team’s explosive jumping abilities by working on plyometric exercises.

Practicing timing and hand-eye coordination

The timing of a volleyball hit is everything. A player can put more power into their swings if he or she can time their swing with the ball’s trajectory perfectly. 

It is also important to have good hand-eye coordination in order to make contact with the ball in the sweet spot. Work with your team regularly to hone these skills. You can do a variety of drills to help improve these skills.

Transfer weight properly when hitting

It is important for a hitter to transfer their weight to their front foot as soon as they make contact with the ball. Practice this technique with your players so they can hit the ball with authority. 

Your volleyball team will benefit from these tips if you follow them!


There are several questions that volleyball players ask about hitters’ shoes

What Are Volleyball Shoes for Hitters?

Hitters’ volleyball shoes are lighter, have more cushion, and are more durable than other volleyball shoes. A hitter must move quickly and jump a lot, which can make the shoes uncomfortable if they aren’t appropriate.

What Are Good Volleyball Shoe Brands for Hitters?

Most hitters use Mizunos as their brand of choice. The next three are ASICS, Nike, and Adidas. There are a lot of great volleyball shoes designed by these brands.

Do Outdoor Volleyball Shoes for Hitters Differ From Indoor?

Shoes that are worn outdoors may have less traction than shoes that are worn indoors. This means that if you use them, you will lose mobility and speed, or even slip and get injured. Thus, good soles and enough traction are essential for your shoes.


 Choose one of these three options. The best volleyball shoes for hitters will help you avoid getting injured during play.

A pair of these volleyball shoes is the best for hitters. Your budget may dictate whether toes are a good choice. 

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