10 Best Outdoor Volleyball Nets in 2024

Best Outdoor Volleyball Nets

The sport of outdoor volleyball is more than just a sport; it is a social activity that brings friends and families together for a fun outdoor experience.

One of the most crucial pieces of equipment for this experience is the outdoor volleyball net. Here, we’ll take a look at what makes the best outdoor volleyball nets unique and how to choose them.

Top Rated Outdoor Volleyball Nets 2024

Park & Sun Sports Spectrum Classic

Park & Sun Sports Spectrum Classic

If you enjoy playing volleyball at the beach, at family reunions, in the park, or anywhere else, you will love this net. You can spend your time playing instead of constantly adjusting the net because it is extremely easy to set up and take down. This convenient carrying case contains everything you need to stay organized. It’s easy to throw in the car or carry with you anywhere.

Using the padded handles on either side, you can adjust the height and tightness of the net once everything is set up. You can lock everything in place with these handles to avoid collapses and other problems. You can easily pack up the net after loosening everything up and letting it gently fall.

This volleyball net is easy to assemble, but it is surprisingly stable while you play. When someone spikes the ball hard into the net, the stability lines keep everything in place. In this set, you really do get what you pay for, even though the price is a bit higher than average. Moreover, the net guard comes in multiple colors, which many people appreciate.

Cobra Sports 3 Game Volleyball Net System

Cobra Sports 3 Game Volleyball Net System

Definitely the best net for serious volleyball players who want to withstand even the most aggressive play. The cost of this system may be higher than most other systems, but the investment is well worth it to most users. The poles and net are made from extremely durable materials, so you can spike it hard without worrying about it breaking.

The poles need to be driven into the ground to provide support, so setting everything up is a bit challenging. Ensure that you have a sledgehammer on hand. The net needs to be pulled tight by at least three people so that the poles can be properly positioned. Using these poles will maintain the net’s secure position for years, and tightening the net is very simple once it’s installed. Pulling out the poles will require a lot of strength, so choose a good location right from the start if you want to move the volleyball court.

This volleyball net system does not require any guy lines, which is one of its best features. In today’s market, this system is the only one without this type of support, making it a safer option for players. The fact that there are no lines to trip over or otherwise get injured when diving off to the side to save a ball will make diving off to the side more enjoyable.

Baden Champions Volleyball Set

Best Outdoor Volleyball Nets

This set is perfect for volleyball fans. However, it is still rugged enough for any type of play and much less expensive than many premium options. Set up and take down are made as simple as possible with this set, making it easy to carry everywhere. In under ten minutes, you’ll be up and running the first time you try it if you have a few people ready to play. Having practiced it a few times, it shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes.

Most other nets use guy lines to secure the poles that stretch out further away from the play area. The net will remain tight and safe while the potentially hazardous lines are kept away from where people are playing. Your guy lines can be adjusted in seconds using the padded handles, so you can tighten or loosen them to your liking.

Both experienced and new players will enjoy this volleyball set. Including the volleyball, support poles, guy lines, and the net, you have everything you need to get started playing this fun game. The ball needle and air pump were also included so you could inflate it whenever necessary. This set includes a carrying bag that allows you to load everything up and take it anywhere with you. There is only one real negative about this set, which is that the anchoring stakes do not stick in the sand well enough if you are playing beach volleyball.

Milky House Volleyball Net

Milky House Volleyball Net

This is a great option if you are looking for a high-quality volleyball net without spending a lot of money. There is no poles or other items included in this set, so if you need those, you will either have to purchase them separately or choose another option. Using some rope tied to some trees or other supports, this net can be set up on its own. Besides being able to be used on an indoor volleyball net, it can also be used in schools, gyms, and other places.

The canvas borders and top cable make this net extremely durable, so even frequent use will not damage it. You can leave it up on your outdoor court without worrying that it will get damaged because the materials are weather-resistant. The regulation-size net will be perfect for replacing the net on your existing court.

Boulder Portable Net Set

Boulder Portable Net Set

This net set is great for fun outdoor activities with the kids. The net is versatile and can be used as a volleyball net, pickleball net, tennis net, badminton net, or even soccer net. Changing the game you want to play takes just minutes, and you don’t need any tools. Take it down and pack it all up in a convenient case when the kids are done playing so they will be ready to start over again when they are ready.

These materials can withstand even fairly aggressive play since they are quite durable. For a family, or even a school or group that wants to offer something fun to kids, this would be an excellent investment. It is also possible for adults to enjoy these sports with the net. You should keep in mind that the net is not regulation size for volleyball, so it should only be used for casual games.

This set will also appeal to parents because it is much less expensive than the ones designed for adults. You don’t have to install any guy lines on the volleyball net, which makes it safer for your kids.

 If they run into the lines, they won’t trip over them or get choked. Though this does reduce the stability a little bit, even if the net is knocked over, it can be set right up again in a matter of minutes.

GoSports Splash Net PRO Pool

GoSports Splash Net PRO Pool

You can play ‘water volleyball’ in your backyard if you have a large swimming pool. Using this set, you can quickly turn your swimming pool into a volleyball court so you can enjoy competitive volleyball while splashing around. The two support posts are placed on either side of the pool and the net is connected to get started. Anchors that hold the posts in place can be filled with water to keep them in place.

This set includes everything you would expect to be safe to use in and around water. Also included are two special volleyballs made to be used in the water. Following the setup, head to opposite sides of the pool and start playing games with your friends. It will be important to choose sides wisely depending on the configuration of your pool. Those who are better swimmers should be in the deep end of the pool, while those who are younger or less experienced should be in the shallow end. As a result, skill differences will be evened out, making the game more enjoyable!

Volleyball nets like this are not regulation sized, so they cannot be used normally outside of swimming pools. You can, however, take down the net and put it away in seconds, so you can return to swimming as usual. If you want to play a game, you can simply reattach the net to the support posts.

Park & Sun Sports Spiker Volleyball Net

Park & Sun Sports Spiker Volleyball Net

You won’t likely find a better option than this if you want to build a volleyball court in your backyard or another convenient location without spending a lot of money.

It is an excellent combination of quality and affordability that will be suitable for a wide range of people. A volleyball as well as an air pump, a volleyball net, support posts, guy lines, anchor stakes, and even needles are included with the purchase of this system.

In terms of quality and price, the makers of this set really hit the right note. It cannot stand up to even relatively aggressive play, but it is more durable than other nets that cost several hundred dollars. You can leave the net outside regardless of the weather, and the ball will likely last you for several years. The price of this volleyball system may not be as high as some of the higher-rated options in our list, but you really do get a lot of value. Without sacrificing a lot of features or quality, it would be hard for the average player to find a better value.

Unlike most other options on our list, this system takes more time to set up, and this is a very minor complaint. You cannot use pull handles to tighten up guy lines, for example. You must pull them taut and secure them in place manually. It is also harder to adjust the height of the poles than with more expensive designs. Still, it’s a great choice for years of entertainment and at an affordable price.

Champion Sports Official Tournament

Champion Sports Official Tournament

Considering this volleyball net is a great option if you only need the actual net itself. With high quality materials, this Olympic-size net is designed to last a lifetime. It would be comfortable to use this net even if you are a professional volleyball player. Players can jump into the net or spike the ball into the net without damaging it because knotless nylon is rip-resistant. A 1-year warranty is included with this net, but it will almost certainly last much longer than that even with regular use.

It can be attached to most poles, or if trees are positioned in the area, it can be tied to them. There are seven holes on each side of this net, so stringing the ropes through them takes a little longer than others. By doing this, you will be able to keep it very tight throughout your play, even if it takes a few extra minutes. Seven holes also result in an even tightening throughout the net, rather than just two points of pressure.

DUNLOP Volleyball Set

DUNLOP Volleyball Set

You probably won’t jump five feet off the ground and hit the other team with a power spike. This volleyball set was specifically designed to meet the needs of players like you. While this set is lightweight and easy to use, it can still withstand all types of weather and normal use. This affordable volleyball set is perfect for casual play with friends or family since it costs considerably less than premium volleyball sets.

It includes everything you need to get started right away, just like many other sets. There are two types of poles: those that can be set at various heights and those that have the official size. You’ll also get an air pump, a sturdy volleyball, and an inflation needle. This net can also be packed up and taken with you wherever you go with the carrying bag.

Most of the premium options use nylon for their nets, but this is not the case. There will not be any problems with this for several years, but it may not last quite as long. It is black in color, with neon green writing across the top and bottom, giving this net a unique and fun look that most people will love. The very reasonable price and excellent features of this volleyball set make it a good choice for most types of players.

Vermont Portable Volleyball Set

Vermont Portable Volleyball Set

Beach volleyball provides great exercise and fun in the sun. It was specifically designed for playing in the sand and is easy to set up. A wide base on the support poles allows them to provide additional stability in the sand, something you won’t find with standard straight poles. Anchors for the guy lines are thicker as well, which makes them more stable in the sand.

It won’t take you more than a few minutes to set up this net once you get to the beach, so you can enjoy the whole day. Even more aggressive volleyball teams will find it an excellent option due to its stability. The ball will never come down or become loose regardless of how hard you spike it (or even if you accidentally hit it on the net). The easy-to-use cinching line allows you to easily pull the net tight and lock it in place in seconds when you need to tighten it up during play or during setup.

It is also suitable for setting up on grass, hard surfaces, or even on the beach. In spite of its wide base, it is not as stable on hard surfaces as it is on soft ones like a gym, concrete, or short grass. This set is not suitable for permanent volleyball courts in any of these areas. If you are headed back to the beach after using it for an occasional game in these areas, you can simply take it down.

Factors to Consider When Buying an Outdoor Volleyball Net

Best Outdoor Volleyball Nets

Our top 10 list should be read with the understanding that the net ranked #1 may not be the best for your situation. The best choice will depend on how you plan to use the Internet. For help deciding which net is right for you, consider the following factors.

Level of Play

You’ll need a net that can withstand more aggressive play if you’re a serious volleyball player. Skilled players will spike the ball, which causes the net to take a beating, so it must be able to absorb the impact without ripping. Additionally, the net should be tight and stable so that it does not fall during play.

For an authentic volleyball experience, serious players will also want to ensure the net is the right size and height. If you’re looking for a more casual experience, you can choose a cheaper or easier-to-move net. Serious players usually want a premium net, while casual players can choose a cheaper or easier net.

Where You Will Use the Net

It is important to consider the location where you plan to play the game when choosing a net. You may want to consider traditional poles for support and guy lines for stability if you’re setting up the court in grass, for example. It is recommended that you use a net set that has a wider base, such as the Vermont Portable Volleyball Set, if you prefer beach volleyball. You will need a pool volleyball net, such as the one from GoSports, if you intend to play volleyball in your pool.

How Often You Will Move the Net

Many people prefer to set up their court at one location and leave it there for many years. Other people want it to be portable so that they can take it anywhere they go. You’re better off with a net with poles that are driven into the ground if you plan on leaving it in one place for a long time, such as the Cobra Sports Volleyball Net.

Those who would like something that can be quickly relocated would benefit from an option intended for temporary installation, such as the Park & Sun Set.

Your Budget

It is always important to consider your budget when making any purchase. There are a variety of factors that can affect the price of volleyball nets, ranging from under $30 to several hundred dollars. Our mission is to ensure you can find exactly what you’re looking for at a price you’re comfortable paying, and we have been successful in finding exceptional options in just about every price range.

Having learned what to look for, here are the top 10 outdoor volleyball nets. Don’t miss our guides on the best volleyball knee caps and volleyball shoes if you’re looking for other volleyball equipment.

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How to Anchor Your Volleyball Net

Best Outdoor Volleyball Nets

In order to play this great sport, volleyball nets can be anchored in several ways. You will be able to get everything set up properly if you know which method your net should use.

  • Ground Anchored Nets – Poles are driven into the ground to anchor these nets.
  • Guy Line Anchered Nets – These are the most common. Support poles are tied together with two guylines.
  • Rope Anchored Nets – No support poles are required for this option. Both sides of the court are tied to trees with ropes.

Choosing the Right Spot

The location of the volleyball court is one of the most important aspects of setting it up. The court must be placed in an area with enough space and free from obstacles, such as trees, bushes, and buildings.

A The net divides the play area of a professional volleyball court into two halves of 29.5′ by 59.1′. There will also need to be several feet of space around the court when serving and being out of bounds. To have a standard volleyball court, make sure that the volleyball net you purchase is official length (also called professional or Olympic length).

Height of the Net

In most volleyball nets that use support poles, you can adjust the height of the net to your preference. Specifically, men’s volleyball nets need to be 7 feet 11 and 5/8 inches off the ground, and women’s nets need to be 7 feet 4 and 1/8 inches. This is the height of the net from the ground to the top. Kids can also play volleyball on some volleyball sets if the height is lowered to a lower level.

Out of Bounds

The out of bounds lines should be clearly marked when setting up your volleyball court. Competitive players should pay special attention to this.

 As the line leading from the support pole along the edge of the court represents the out of bounds line, it is relatively easy to identify. In order to measure the backline, it needs to be 29 feet 6 inches away from the net. Tape or other safe objects can be used to mark out of bounds lines so that the ball can be easily identified. You should never mark the side lines with guy lines as they could be dangerous.

Positioning Guy Lines

In order to keep the volleyball net stable when it is moved around, most volleyball nets will have guy lines. Support poles are kept from moving by guy lines which attach to each pole and are pulled tight. When positioning guy lines, keep the following things in mind:

  • Pull Away from the Play Area: Help minimize the risk of injuries by pulling the guy lines away from the play area.
  • Strong Anchors: Proper anchoring is essential. Ensure that the anchor stake is firmly embedded in the ground.
  • Tighter is Better: Your volleyball net will be more secure if you pull the guylines tighter.
  • Removing Guy Lines: Pull up on the net and away from the guy line anchors to allow them to slide out.

How to Set Up Your Volleyball Court

Getting your volleyball net set up is the next step after purchasing it. It’s important to read the instructions that come with the net you purchase, as every set will be a little different. The important thing is to consider some things, regardless of which one you choose.

You can get your net set up correctly the first time by considering the following things before you even open it.

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Maintenance Tips for Outdoor Volleyball Nets

Best Outdoor Volleyball Nets

Maintaining your outdoor volleyball net properly will ensure its longevity.

Cleaning and Storage:

Keep your net clean and dry by regularly cleaning it and storing it when not in use.

Repairs and Replacements:

You should address any damages promptly, and you should consider replacing the net if it has become worn out.

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What is the standard size for an outdoor volleyball net?

A 32-foot-long volleyball net is the standard size for outdoor play.

Can I use an indoor volleyball net outdoors?

You shouldn’t do it. It is possible that indoor nets are not designed to withstand outdoor conditions and could quickly wear out.

How often should I replace my outdoor volleyball net?

Keep your net in good condition by regularly inspecting it. Replace if significant damage occurs.

Are there regulations for the height of an outdoor volleyball net?

A volleyball net’s height is regulated by standard regulations. For fair play, ensure your net conforms to these guidelines.

What features make a volleyball net suitable for beach play?

Nets that anchor securely in sand, are weather-resistant, and are portable.


For enthusiasts of this beloved sport, choosing the best outdoor volleyball net is crucial. The options range from material and durability to innovative designs.

Make a decision based on your preferences, budget, and playing environment. Your outdoor volleyball experience will now be elevated once you know the key features and top brands.

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