Are Volleyball Shoes Worth It? [Explained]

Are Volleyball Shoes Worth It

The need for volleyball shoes is a question that many volleyball beginners have. There are a lot of people who ask this question! That’s true…

Shoes for volleyball are definitely worth it since these generally have features that make moving around the court easier. It is the grip that is most important. The shoes you wear while playing volleyball are also comfortable and provide some protection for your feet.

You can learn more about volleyball shoe benefits in this article. Also included are some helpful tips for choosing them.

Are Volleyball Shoes Worth It?

Are Volleyball Shoes Worth It

Volleyball shoes are definitely worth it if I am talking about volleyball games. In comparison to other types of shoes, volleyball shoes offer many more features. Their comfort is superior to that of regular shoes, even for casual wear. 

Due to the fact that volleyball shoes don’t involve any running, they provide more padding for jumping than running shoes. Additionally, volleyball shoes have specific traction for volleyball courts. 

The features that other types of shoes have will probably appeal to people who use them for volleyball. Buying volleyball shoes would be a good option if you only want to use it for volleyball.

The Evolution of Volleyball Shoes

With advances in technology, volleyball shoes have evolved over the years. This innovation improves agility and comfort on the court through improved materials and specialized designs.

Choosing the Right Volleyball Shoes

The right pair of shoes depends on factors such as shoe size, court type, and playing style. It is important to make an informed decision in this regard in order to maximize your chances of success.

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Do volleyball shoes make a difference?

Are Volleyball Shoes Worth It

A volleyball shoe provides more cushioning when you jump as compared to a running shoe. Moreover, shoes designed for volleyball are designed to provide specific traction…

Because volleyball players must constantly move vertically and laterally, this is the case.

Volleyball shoes help absorb the impact of jumping and side-to-side movements and ensure traction on the court.

Test your new volleyball shoes by jumping high and landing on the ground before buying them. This will ensure that they absorb the impact properly. It usually means they are of higher quality when they have a good level of absorption. The shock absorption of this pair of volleyball shoes is very good, for instance.

It is also much easier to jump and move laterally in volleyball shoes because they are lightweight. You can also improve your performance and reduce your chances of injury, especially if you suffer from ankle injuries.

You can improve these moves by wearing volleyball shoes

A volleyball shoe is a great choice for players who would like to improve their skills on the court. Jumping, for instance, will cause a volleyball shoe to absorb the impact and stick to the ground…

You can jump with confidence knowing you won’t get injured!

With the rubber sole of your volleyball shoes, you will be able to maintain your grip on the ground while digging…

As a result of the flexibility of the gum rubber in the shoes, you can make quick cuts, jumps, stop-and-go movements, and many more. With gum rubber providing traction, these moves are easy.

Your moves will also be improved if your volleyball shoes fit properly. When you focus on how your feet feel, you won’t pay attention to how you perform.

There should be no rubbing or pinching around your foot when wearing a volleyball shoe. It is important that you don’t allow your foot to move inside the volleyball shoe just like you wouldn’t allow it to move inside other sports shoes.

You will soon develop blisters and rub burns on your heels and sides if you continue to jump after jumping. While attempting to block a spike, you should not think about how to avoid aggravating a raw spot.

Expert Recommendations

Volleyball shoes such as ASICS Flytefoam are among the highest-rated on the market.

Their lightweight, zoom air and cushioning, along with their TPU cage, make them unique among volleyball shoes.

The shoes are quite popular among semi-pros and professionals!

Besides providing excellent traction, the TPU cage hugs the foot to give you a snug, yet flexible fit.

Designed to keep you light on your feet, these volleyball shoes provide excellent cushioning to help you jump higher, push sets further, and execute underpasses faster.

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What Makes Volleyball Shoes So Special?

Are Volleyball Shoes Worth It
Volleyball ShoesOther Shoes
The material for the outsoles is syntheticThe weight is too great
Materials that are lightweightThe court floor may be left with black marks
Shock-absorbing cushioningSuspension is poor
Midsole with protectionMaterial for the outsoles is synthetic

In volleyball, you can wear other types of shoes, but some can cause injuries or make you less effective. In volleyball shoes, there are things that are specific to:

  • Performance increase
  • Injury prevention
  • Volleyball’s traction is improved for improved mobility
  • Volleyball-specific build quality

Key Features of Quality Volleyball Shoes

Are Volleyball Shoes Worth It

Soles, cushioning, and traction are all important key factors. Players seeking peak performance need these features, not just as luxuries.


Volleyball shoes are mostly defined by their soles. For the soles of volleyball shoes, gum rubber is usually used. Hardwood and indoor courts benefit greatly from gum rubber soles. As you make quick cuts, stops, or prepare to jump, they provide you with traction. 

Some shoes are made with rubber that’s designed for outdoor use. In rough surfaces, gum rubber is easily damaged, which is why it is best used on wooden floors. Use volleyball shoes only for volleyball games and don’t use them on rough surfaces such as concrete. 

Rubber gum soles are also used in some badminton shoes. Their traction patterns differ from those of volleyball shoes, however. Other types of shoes will feel different on the court. 


A volleyball shoe’s cushioning system protects you from impact when you jump. Here are some examples of cushioning systems:

  • Cushioned with gel
  • Technologies based on waves
  • The truss system
  • A system that absorbs shocks

It is especially difficult for your feet to cope with volleyball if you jump around a lot. Hard landings, quick cuts, and sudden changes in direction are all stresses and shocks your body receives from volleyball shoes. 

Since badminton and running don’t require jumping, badminton and running shoes don’t have this type of technology. The difference between volleyball shoes and most other kinds of shoes lies in this feature. 

Gum Rubber

Hardwood courts benefit from gum rubber. It is for this reason that most volleyball shoes use them. With gum rubber soles, volleyball shoes look good and perform well. Gum rubber’s soft, pliable quality allows it to move more easily on a court due to its flexibility


Foot protection and support are the primary functions of the midsole. It protects your feet from impact and cushioning systems. The majority of volleyball shoes provide shock absorption and flexibility for volleyball players.  


Volleyball shoes’ uppers determine their level of comfort. Keep your feet fresh and dry by wearing volleyball shoes that allow airflow. Having sweaty feet can cause you to slip and fall in your shoes, leading to sprains and accidents. 

Mesh or nylon are the most common materials used in uppers. In addition to providing airflow, these materials are also soft and cool. 


Volleyball shoes are made special by cushioning technology. Their volleyball shoes improve your jumping ability and protect you from landing shock. 

Volleyball shoes are essential if you play the sport frequently. Jumping frequently can cause your foot to become injured because of the stress it receives. 


Lightweight shoes are designed by most shoe companies to put less pressure on your feet.

Volleyball players are also quicker on the court when they wear lightweight shoes. You burn more energy when you play heavier volleyball since it adds weight to your feet. 

It is possible to get lightweight volleyball shoes with protection, and protective volleyball shoes with lightweight properties. 

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Should beginners wear volleyball shoes?

When it comes to volleyball shoes, professionals need them; beginners don’t need them so much…

You are learning all the moves during this time, so you will be responding to the ball appropriately.

You can therefore learn how to play wearing any type of shoe. In the beginning, volleyball shoes may seem very expensive to beginners. In terms of price, however, they are similar to other athletic shoes.

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Are Volleyball Shoes Worth It for Beginners?

Yes, definitely. It is essential for beginners to enjoy enhanced support and stability as they learn and master the game.

Can I Use Running Shoes for Volleyball?

It is possible, but not recommended. There is no lateral support or traction in running shoes, which are essential in volleyball.

How Often Should I Replace Volleyball Shoes?

For optimal performance and support, regular players should consider replacing them every six months.

Are Expensive Volleyball Shoes Better?

Many players can find adequate performance in mid-range shoes as well as expensive models.

Can I Wear Volleyball Shoes for Other Sports?

This shoe is designed for volleyball but can also be useful in sports with similar footwork and agility demands.

Do Professional Volleyball Players Use Specialized Shoes?

It is true that professional players prioritize specialized shoes in order to gain an edge over their opponents.


The good news is that volleyball shoes can last as long as three seasons with the right care. Due to this, I highly recommend investing in high-quality shoes since they will last a long time.

In any case, I wouldn’t suggest buying such shoes until you make your decision about whether this is a sport you intend to continue. Just focus first on the sport and what it is all about.

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